How I Distressed Pine Boards for Photo Backgrounds


If you follow me on Facebook, you probably saw the fun pile of pine wood boards that my neighbor left by my front door.  Many of you asked what I was going to do with them?  Well, they are for the backgrounds of my blog post projects!!

HOWEVER, I came across a little issue….  the pine is so "yellow" that it fools my camera and it makes all the photos really yellow, which require a ton of photoshoping to make them look better.. so.. I decided to buy some paint and start painting and distressing the yellow-ish pine boards to make them look more interesting and a little bit like they'd been weathered for a long time!


How to distress wood pine boards by Patty Bennett at


The boards were single left over pine planks from who knows what project.. and my neighbor (handy-dandy woodshop neighbor) glued them together into larger pieces.. he sanded them and did the beveled edges on them too!!  It's so great to have handy friends!!!! 🙂

 You can see from the photo below, that the pine boards I found in our garden shed, are quite yellow, and after my "distressing process" I managed to make them all look totally different!


How to distress wood pine planks pattystamps before


Before and After: How to distress wood pine boards by Patty Bennett at

After Distressing wood pine boards by Patty Bennett at


I really should have looked on Youtube before I started this process, but I just dove right in with some bottles of acrylic paint, old paint brushes, an old toothbrush, foam brushes, sand paper and old rags.

It was about a 3 day process as I was trying to get the house decorated for Christmas at the same time, and couldn't devote all my time to this project.


My (totally amateur) process to distress the wood:

  1. start with a wash of paint (acrylic paint watered down) and applied with a foam brush
  2. sand when dry
  3. add a 2nd color the same way as #1
  4. sand when dry
  5. add a 3rd color with a very dry paint brush to give the appearance of wood grain (with a light touch)
  6. sand when dry
  7. evaluate… like it? stop!  needs more color? (probably!) 🙂 add more colors either as a wash or with a dry paintbrush
  8. add paint speckles or streaks with the toothbrush dipped in paint
  9. distress wood with wire brush, coarse sand paper, or anything that will rough it up a bit
  10. apply more paint
  11. sand again
  12. ya, you get the idea… you could do this for days….  I had to make myself stop!



For the blue ones, I started with white paint and added blue, then added more white

For the light ones, I started with white paint and added hints of gray, black and brown (with a very dry brush)

For the dark ones, I started with brown paint, and added white, gray and black paint

On some of the boards, I dipped my rag into water then into paint and kind of washed over the boards.

I basically experimented with every possible combination I could think of. 🙂


How to distress wood pine boards by Patty Bennett at


How to distress wood pine boards by Patty Bennett at


When I am ready to photograph my craft projects, I place them on a board and take photos, as you can see below:


How to distress wood pine boards for craft photo backgrounds by Patty Bennett at


I experiment with different boards depending on the color and size of the project, then crop the photo and add my watermark as shown below.


How to distress wood pine boards for craft project photo backgrounds.  Christmas gift bags from Stampin Up  by Patty Bennett at

Christmas Kraft Gift bag stamped with Merry Medley background stamp from Stampin Up! by Patty Bennett at

Above and below:

Examples of different wood backgrounds for my Merry Medley Christmas gift bag projects.

I stamped the Kraft gift bags with my Merry Medley background stamp and decorated them with some Warmth & Cheer designer paper for easy and fun holiday gift bags!


Christmas Kraft Gift bag stamped with Merry Medley background stamp from Stampin Up! by Patty Bennett at


Thank you for visiting with me today!

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No Foolin’ – My Garden is Bloomin’


No tricks this April Fools Day… just some pretty spring flowers from my garden to share with you!

One of the things you mention to me over and over is that you enjoy photos of my garden.  I'm so glad you enjoy them and thought I'd show you what's blooming so far this year!

Garden pattystamps alstomeria 2016 yellow 1


In my garden, I grow mostly roses and alstromeria.  You can see the beautiful yellow alstromeria above.. it's one of my faves! I think I have 4 colors of alstromeria.  I love to cut it and add it to my bouquets because it lasts a LONG time in a vase!!


Garden pattystamps rose 2016 1


Above: This is a Peace rose.. it's very happy in the sunshine… there are dozens of buds ready to bloom on this bush!


Garden pattystamps sunflower 2016 1


Above: A bunch of sunflower seeds planted themselves under the bird feeders.. so this year I just let them grow.. they are already all in bloom!!  Why did I think that sunflowers bloomed in the fall?


Garden pattystamps alstomeria 2016 pink 2


Above: This is one of my pink alstromeria growing up in amongst one of the rose bushes!


Garden pattystamps jasmine 2016 sihlouette1


Above: I think this is Star Jasmine.. it sure smells wonderful when it's blooming!  It climbs all along one of the back fences.


Garden pattystamps rose 2016 sihlouette1


Above: Another Peace rose silhouetted against the shade…


Garden pattystamps alstomeria 2016 pink 1

And more happy alstromeria!


Garden pattystamps squirrel buddy 1 2016

One of my backyard buddies was resting, watching me in the garden.. they are so funny…

Thank you for letting me share a little about me, and my garden.  I get asked all the time what my secrets are for gardening and success with roses .. truly I think it's the San Francisco Bay Area climate – perfect mix of warm, cool, rain and sun.. and yes, I do talk to them.. not sure if that helps.  I prune them sometime between Christmas and Super Bowl weekend (how's that for a funny schedule) and they are always still blooming so it kills me to cut them back, but boy does it make them come back with a roar of new growth!!


Garden pattystamps new rose growth 2016


Have a great day my friends! 



patty bennett stampin up demonstrator pattystamps


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Easter Blessings to You



Wishing you all a Blessed Easter.

This Easter Weekend, I am just sharing some photos from the beautiful trees in our neighborhood and some flowers from my garden… enjoy, rejoice, be thankful, smile, and spread some cheer this weekend…



I love to take photos of the Cherry Blossoms each March in our neighborhood.

Aren't they gorgeous!!??  I am thankful for God's beauty in nature!


And here is a quick collage of flowers blooming in my garden as of March 19th.

March 2015 garden collage

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Delightful Visit to Anna’s Flower Shop in Hercules


Today we are taking a break from crafting so I can share a fun day I had last week… one of the things I constantly hear from you is to please share more of my rose garden with you .. so today, we're talkin' flowers, roses, florists, lunch and more! 🙂

Last week I met some friends for lunch at the Powder Keg here in Hercules, CA.  It's been open for many years and we've never been there.. so it was a fun experience!  It is on the corner in a neat building that was built down at the waterfront .. made to look old but it's a fairly new building! 


My friend Joy and I both tried the grilled crab sandwich… it was like grilled cheese for grown ups… grilled cheese and crab on the perfectly grilled sourdough bread!!  I could seriously eat this every day!! (but then I'd have to walk about 10 miles a day!)


After lunch,I walked with my camera down to the waterfront (just at the end of the building) and took some photos… the fog was just clearing and it was still hazy.. but the bay is there in the haze.. ya.. hard to see. . but that's the Bay.. we are across the bay from San Francisco and Marin County.


On my way back up the street, I walked past a florist, turned around and decided to go in and see if I could buy some "filler" to go with my roses from my garden… boy am I glad I stopped in, because I met 2 of the nicest people EVER!!! 

Meet Chance and Anna of Anna's Flowers of Hercules!!


Chance and Anna were prepping for a wedding the next day and I was just awestruck with the beautiful arrangements they were creating!! Oh my gosh.. so gorgeous! I asked if I could take photos.. then I mentioned I might just have to blog about them, and then before you know it Anna and I were posting photos of each other on Instagram and we felt like old friends by the time we parted ways that day!


Aren't these fall wedding centerpieces just amazing!?  I am normally not an "orange person" but wow.. I loved these!

This was another one of the centerpieces:





Thank you Chance and Anna for a delightful visit!!!

So after we chatted for about a hour and a half (!!) 🙂 I bought some filler for my roses and went home to cut roses from my garden.


These are some photos from my garden..





After cutting about 3 dozen roses, I brought them inside and made 2 bouquets.

Flowers make me HAPPY… just Happy.. that's all.



I'm just hoping that nobody tells my garden that it's November, because there are still about 50 roses out there.. I need to cut more.. maybe it's time to deliver some to the neighbors!

 So we'll get back to stamping tomorrow.. thanks for letting me share my day with you.. hope you enjoyed the "detour".

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