I have a funny story for you today… a little break from stamping. 

It's a rare occurrence that I take time off of my Stampin' Up! business… in fact so rare that we really didn't get to celebrate Mother's day or my birthday in May as we had planned.. so we made a point to take an afternoon off in June and we celebrated those 2 occasions as well as our 30th wedding anniversary at one of my favorite spots, the Spinnaker Restaurant in Sausalito, CA. 


Spinnaker restaurant overlooking the San Francisco Bay, California


 This lovely restaurant is on pilings out over the San Francisco bay and has a 360 degree view of Sausalito, Angel Island, Belvedere, Tiburon and San Francisco.

It's one of "those" restaurants where they have a valet to park your car… not the kind of place we go to very often, (but the kind of place I'd love to frequent more often!).

As soon as we were seated for our late lunch at a window seat, we looked out across the San Francisco Bay toward San Francisco, and this was our view.. a little hazy/foggy, but I'm sure you can make out a bit of the city:


San Francisco Bay from the Spinnaker restaurant, Sausalito California

Alcatraz is just on the left, partially behind that sailboat, and the Golden Gate bridge would be off to the right.


Then this conversation happened between our son Jason, and me:

Jason: "Oh, there is a cruise ship in port!"

Me: squinting…. squinting some more.. raising my eyebrow … "there is?"

Jason: "Yes, it looks like a Princess Ship"

Me:  "Ok, I seriously cannot see a cruise ship in port and sure as heck couldn't tell you it's a Princess ship"

Jason:  "Ya, it has the white arch thing in the back, so I know it's a Princess Ship"


Now, I ask you … am I just blind? or can you see it too?  I've even circled it below for you .. (no, not the little sailboat)… and yes, there actually is a Princess ship docked in port at San Francisco, I looked it up on the internet and it was the Grand Princess!

FACT:  Jason has AMAZING eyesight

FACT:  I don't.


Grand Princess in port in San Francisco,  from the Spinnaker restaurant, Sausalito California


There were tons of tourists in Sausalito that day who had taken the ferry over to Sausalito from SF for the day.. shopping, eating, bicycling, .. it was crowded but delightful!  Perfect weather, amazing views and the best company in the world (my guys!) 🙂


Eric and Patty Bennett celebrating 30 years at the Spinnaker restaurant, Sausalito, CA


Eric and I each enjoyed delicious seafood plates for our lunch.. Jason had a burger (big news there!), and we shared this delightful berry dessert after lunch!

We walked for a few miles after that amazing lunch and enjoyed the sights in Sausalito.


Beautiful flower baskets in Sausalito CA, photo by Patty Bennett


Above: beautiful flower baskets hanging outside the shops in Sausalito

Below: the very tip of the Golden Gate Bridge peeking above the mountain, and the ferry at the dock on the left


San Francisco / Sausalito ferry docked in Sausalito.


Oh, and on our 30th anniversary, it was "bowling night" (league night for Eric and Jason) so between work and bowling, we met for a quick dinner at Caps in Brentwood, exchanged our cards to each other, and then I went along to cheer Jason and Eric in their summer bowling league.


Eric and Patty Bennett celebrate 30th anniversary at Caps restaurant in Brentwood, CA

If you missed the 30th anniversary card I made for Eric, you can see it HERE.


 Hope you enjoyed that little vacation from stamping.  Hope this finds you well, and that your day is great!

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