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Each year on our Founder's Circle Trip we are treated to a most amazing "event'.. we never know what it will be, or where, but this year the Event Staff DELIGHTED AND AMAZED us with a float trip down a 3 hour portion of the Colorado River!!  We launched right below the Glen Canyon Dam at the base of Lake Powell, and floated for 3 hours (insert singing here… "a 3 hour tour, a 3 hour tour") 🙂 down Glen Canyon on the Colorado River!!

The photos speak for themselves.. God's amazing handiwork shows at every twist and turn on this river!

Glen canyon 2a

We launched right at the base of the Glen Canyon Dam.. Lake Powell is on the other side of this dam.

Glen canyon launch site

Glen canyon dam

We went over this bridge above the dam to get here… the Glen Canyon Dam Bridge is 700 feet above the river… wow!!

Glen canyon dam bridge

Behind the dam is Lake Powell.

The water comes from the bottom of the lake under the dam and into the Colorado River.. so the water is super cold…. 47 degrees!!!! 

The weather was warm – in the 90's – but the breeze off the water was delightful as we moved..

Glen canyon 1

Glen canyon 3

Glen canyon 4

Glen canyon 5
Below: Stella and Ruth and I .. the sun was pretty brutal for us fair skinned girls, so the hats were necessary!

Glen canyon stella patty ruth

stay tuned tomorrow for more fun!

Shop online for Stampin' Up! Supplies 24/7

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Shop online for Stampin' Up! Supplies 24/7

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