Here's the Story of the Apple iPad, my hubby's birthday and the Stampin' Up! Convention 2010… yes.. they are related in a funny sort of way…

My hubby has wanted the Apple iPad for a couple months now.. unfortunately, we could not quite afford to buy one prior to the Stampin' Up! Cruise in April when he really wanted it… but.. thanks to Stampin' Up! I was able to buy him one for this birthday this week!

At the Stampin' Up! Convention 2010 last week I kept seeing ladies with the iPad.. finally I sat down at a table with about 1/2 a dozen delightful demonstrators and asked them to give me an iPad tutorial… they all whipped out their iPads and showed me the amazing things you can do on it, including placing your orders right online at a workshop.. ok,, HOW COOL IS THAT!?  Here are two of my new iPad friends Louann Fisher and Cindy Cort .. they had my blog bookmarked on their iPad, and brought up my blog post about my MDS Owl card, and displayed my Owl card that I had just swapped with them… how cute is that? 🙂

1 ipad

So then the a couple nights later, when my hubby and son were still in SLC after Awards Night, I saw Dina with her iPad and asked her to give Eric a tutorial on everything it is capable of doing… here they are in the Marriott lobby..


She even made sure he had some fun with a driving game!  I think Rose Ellen is entertained too! 🙂


Thanks Dina, for helping convince Eric that he'd like one of these fun toys…  thanks to my Stampin' Up! bonus, I was able to buy him the Apple iPad this week for his birthday!!  🙂  As I type this, we are getting ready to open his gifts and go out to dinner to celebrate, so I'll have pix of his birthday tomorrow… stay tuned.. and thanks to my iPad friends at Convention for your fun tutorials!  🙂

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