I am very blessed and have many reasons to be happy, but today I am particularly happy for 3 reasons…

1.  It's our son's 19th birthday… what a BLESSING he is in our lives.. love you Jason!  Happy Birthday!

2.  My Roses are blooming already!!

3.  I found something that I've been looking for for over 3 years!

I pray that you are blessed and happy today as well!

Reason #1 I'm happy today… celebrating Jason's birthday… this is a collage he made of himself for his Digital Art class this semester.. really cool, huh?   He wants to go to Denny's today for a free Grand Slam breakfast… so you can find us there!  🙂


Reason #2 I'm happy today…  My Roses are already blooming… someone forgot to tell them it's MARCH !

March rose 1 

Reason #3 I'm happy today… These belonged to my mom.. I've been looking for them ever since she passed away… and I finally found them about a week ago…. I just love the box and the fun memories of using them with her when I was a young girl.

Pinking shears

 Have a great day!

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