Pb purse I thought you might like to see some of the step by step photos I took at the PURSE CLASS last weekend…

If you'd like details on making a bag, view ANGIE's VIDEO HERE, or purchase ANGIE'S instructions HERE.

If you are looking for someone to make you a purse, VIEW THIS POST for Lisa's info.  You can also contact BARBARA at cre8tivestamper@cox.net or CLICK HERE to see her purses for sale if you wish to purchase a completed purse.

So… here we go…

We cut the fabric into strips, 5" wide, and layered it onto the Scallop Square die, then ran them through the Big Shot. It will cut 8 layers of fabric if it's regular weight cotton, or I did 6 layers since this was heavy weight cotton.

Purse class 1

Lots of activity and fun….

Purse class 2

We pinned the scalloped layers together with the batting squares inside.

Purse class 3

Hey.. I'm REALLY SEWING!! Thanks to Cindee for letting me use her machine.. as mine is from Jr. High in 1972 and I wasn't sure if it still works…

Purse class 4
Purse class 5

Sew the 1st part of the X on each square.. making a long chain of them.  Then cut them apart and sew the 2nd part of the X on each square.

Purse class 6

Cut apart the chain of squares and lay them out in the pattern you'll use for your purse.  You'll notice they all have the stitched X in the center.

Purse class 7

TIP… I made a "T" with 2 pins to indicate which square was my top center square… as you have all these squares floating around, it can get confusing as to which one was at the top …

Purse class tip

I added a pocket flap to each side:

Purse class 8

All the squares are now sewn together.. and when the sides are stitched you have a purse!

Purse class 9
Here is how the pocket turns out on the side:
 Purse class 10

Handles and closure strap pinned in and ready to stitch all the way around the top:

Purse class 11

 Finished purse with a matching Big Shot flower!!! whooohooo!

Pb flower 
The purse uses the Scallop Square Die and the Big Shot.  I was easily able to cut 6 layers of this heavy cotton at once with the die.. it makes the project go so quickly!

Big shot Scallop square die
Big Shot, item 113439     Scallop Square die, item 115950

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