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January As you know, I LOVE this new program from Stampin' Up!  It has provided so many new ways for me to create, and use Stampin' Up! images!!  One thing I'm REALLY excited about is creating CHRISTMAS GIFTS for my family this year!!  I am pretty sure my brother doesn't ever look at my blog, so I'm safe in posting this….  I asked my brother to send me some of his favorite photos – he's a great photographer!  I made a 12×12 calendar using My Digital Studio for him for Christmas using his photos! 

To the left you'll see January.. and below I've posted a few more of the months from the calendar.

One thing I didn't know when I created my first calendar is that you can totally customize the "month" part of each page (the bottom 1/2).. ya, duh, I know… 🙂 but once I figured that out, I have been having a great time decorating the bottom 1/2 of the page, too!

September October


To create the washed out photo on the bottom 1/2 of each page, simply insert your photo and drag it to make it larger than the calendar, then on the right, move the opacity slider button to about 30%.  It will make it look faded out, or like there is vellum over it. 

I can't wait to give this to him at Christmas.. hope he loves it!

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