I've had dozens of inquiries about HOW to make a Blog Header (banner) using My Digital Studio.  I am sure there are several ways, so some of you will probably giggle at the way I did it… but hey, this worked for me, so I thought I'd share the steps.

Instructions for making a Blog Header

with My Digital Studio, by Patty Bennett

1.  open My Digital Studio

2. select Multiple Output Options then 11"x 8-1/2" option

3. select "create your own"

4. give your project a name and save it in a folder you will remember 🙂

5. once your blank canvas is on your screen, you will start your design

6.  I wasn't exactly sure how large I was going to make it, so I just filled the background with a color, and then started layering smaller rectangles of DSP and cardstock over that in a long skinny rectangle shape:

Blog header 1-001

I layered the kiwi kiss paper with the big white pollkadot circles (from the Hoppy Memories Designer Kit), then for the layer that looks like white vellum, I added a white cardstock layer and changed the opacity to about 50%.  That makes it look like vellum.  I did the same thing for the skinny rectangle under the kiwi kiss rectangle with my name/blog info. 

I added the flowers (from the Summer Home Designer Kit), added buttons, and a Text Box with Patty's Stamping Spot, and then added the 4 Kiwi Kiss brads.

I saved often, as it is a habit of mine 🙂

Next, I clicked "share project" at the top, then clicked the "export to .jpg" option, and saved it as a .jpg on my computer.

Then I opened Photosthop and opened the .jpg file and cropped out all the excess red background paper (you could avoid that step by not filling your entire canvas with a background color to begin with).  Then I clicked on "resize" in photoshop and resized it to 770 pixels wide, which is what Typepad requires for my particular 2 column blog.  Then I uploaded it into my typepad blog under Design/Chose a Theme.

This was my finished/cropped header:

Blog header 2 mds summer home

I also designed similar signature buttons and sidebar buttons with the same theme.  They didn't need to be resized in Photoshop, just saved as a .jpg in MDS.

In case anyone is wondering, copyright restrictions prohibit anyone from using the MDS graphics to make banners to sell, but you can make them for your own blog. 

I hope this is helpful. This is just ONE of the many things you can do with MDS.  You can also create cards, calendars, flyers, scrapbook pages, professionally bound scrapbooks, DVD's, movies, interactive albums, custom blog banners, custom blog signatures and buttons for yourself, and much more!

If you don't have MDS yet and are curious about some of the papers, embellishments, kits, etc., that come in the program, click on the photo below.  There are MORE graphics in the program itself, but this will give you a feel for some of the graphics available when you buy MDS.  You can also CLICK HERE to see the sampler book I made using some of the graphics and features available in MDS.  Sampler books available for sale, email me for info.

ScreenHunter_01 Oct. 09 11.34

Please let me know if you have any questions, and if you'd like to order your copy of this FABULOUS program, CLICK ON THE SHOPPING CART BELOW, then click Shop Now then select Digital Crafting.

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