I forgot to take photos of the covers of the albums from last night's class participants.. they were all so different and wonderful.. darn!  But I did photograph my pages.. I will post some here and more tomorrow.  For supplies see THIS POST.

My Cover:

Pb cover

1st page:  name, birthdate and location

Pb pg 1

Growing Up:

Pb growing up

My family:

Pb family 2

Pb family 1

Getting Married – and our family:
Pb us 1

Pb us 2

Pb us 3

Our family Traditions:

Pb traditions 1

Pb traditions 2

Pb traditions 3

Things I like and my favorites:

Pb things i like 1

Pb things i like 2


Here is the list of topics I suggested to my class participants:

MY STORY Scrapbook Topic Suggestions



My Birthday

Growing Up:  Born – Raised

Where I live now


places I have lived

parents names

siblings names

children/grandchildren names/ages

wedding day/place

schools attended

places of employment

where I go to church

A day in my life

Things that make me: happy, sad, nervous, excited, content, mad, laugh, cry

TOP 10/ favorite:  food, activity, restaurant, movies, music, TV shows, snack, book, game, vacation spot, music, drinks, time of day, holiday, celebrity, smell, color, way to unwind

what defines me

hobbies / things I collect

things I love…

People  I love

You & Me

Happiness is..

Through the Years..


My Family and I

good times


adventure – Trips

Family Traditions

My Story Scrapbook Class by Patty Bennett ~ July 2009 ~  www.PattyStamps.com

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