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When you can't decide which Stampin' Up! ribbon to use...

How do you store your Ribbon?


I just have a quick question for you today...

How do you arrange or store your ribbon? 

Do you have it in "rainbow" order? (by color), or do you arrange it by type?


How do you store your ribbon?  by color or by type?


As you can see... I like to arrange and store my ribbon by type.  I have all my Stampin' Up! ribbon in this Elfa cart drawer (from the Container Store) and I have them stored by type.. so all of the Striped Grosgrain is together, all of the Ombre ribbon is together, all of the chevron ribbon is together, etc.

This is just how my brain works... but I was wondering how YOU like to store it?


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Rachael Knight

I store my ribbon by type too Patty. I just had a thought and looked at the catalogue - did you realise there is no Real Red ribbon?! They better bring us some in the Holiday Catalogue because otherwise how will you and I cope, with just the one Cherry Cobbler ribbon, too. No wonder you're looking to dye the Gingham!

Deepa M.

Hi Patty! I'm like you as well - I like storing my ribbon by type. That way I can see at a glance which colors I have within a particular style/width etc. I was thinking that if you bought at least two of everything though ... you could do both! :D Color-sort one set, and style-sort the other set, and then sit back and admire the pretty :)

Randee S

I store mine by type also.

Cindi C

I have all of my current ribbon sorted by type, but like you, I also have an elfa drawer with my retired ribbons sorted by color. The rainbow makes me happy!

Cindy in Florida

Hi Patty, I store all my current ribbons by type and then I store them by color once the new ones come in!! My current ribbons are with in reach where as all the others are a few steps away.

Great question.....I love reading everyones comments!!

Cindee Wilkinson

I used to store my ribbon by type, but now I store them by color. It works better for me.

Jan Ross

Well I see I am in the minority here - I think color, and therefore I have drawers of ribbons by colors. I then make the decision on size (width) and style of the ribbon. I have this nifty tall (Ikea) bookcase that is just boxes of ribbons, and then some other retired products I can't release.

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