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Looking for Your Input, Please!


I am looking for your input regarding Stampin' Up! card and project kits today!!  You can help me by reading these questions and responding by clicking on COMMENTS at the bottom of this blog post and leaving your feedback! :)


Subject:  Stampin' UP! Kits


  • Do you like them? (style, color scheme, contents)
  • Do you buy them?
  • Do you feel they are a good value?
  • What are your favorites?
  • Suggestions for future kits?


If you are not sure which kits I am referring to, I'm including them below.. you can click on any of the product photos to go to the online store to read more info, see the contents and pricing.


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Stampin' Up! Current Kits:

(click photos for current sale pricing.. some are 30% - 40% off)



I was disappointed in the Forever Evergreen kit--it was difficult to put together, and the honeycomb ornaments all broke when we tried to put them together (the honeycomb part separated from the backing). It looked like such a cute project, and of course looked so easy when I watched the video on how to put it together, but it was a fail in my opinion.

patti moffett

No, I don't usually buy project kits because I believe I can get more for my money buying individual elements and putting them together. I am, however, inspired by them and often CASE the ideas.

A suggestion for the future would be A Product Suite Kit with all the elements combined for a reduced cost/ 6 x 6 DSP, washi, stamps, matching dies , ribbon/baker's twine and possibly cardstock (please bring back the round enamel dots)


Susan Estell

I don't buy the kits. I enjoy spending my money on individual items that I would use more often and can use on multiple projects.


No, I do not like the kits. I am always disappointed in the quality of the materials. Everything in the kit feels and looks like something I would buy at the dollar store. I buy kits from other companies because the quality is better and they include more materials: stamps, dies, beautiful paper and spectacular embellishments.


I don't use the kits. I prefer to be creative and come up with my own card creations. I just don't like all the elements that are put in the kits.

Deb Meek

I have bought a few kits, but am always disappointed by the quality of the items included in the kit. Also, I think the kits are very expensive for what you get. That said, I often use the pictures of the kits as inspiration in my own creating.

I would like like to see product suites offered as a kit.

Sarah Sandberg

My sister LOVES the card kits because they are step by step and she can have a lot of cards on hand for any occasion. I, on the other hand, enjoy the creativity of creating my own cards! I used to get the kits early on in my card making but am now disappointed that you have to purchase the stamp set separately. I would rather spend my money on a bundle set!


I do not purchase kits, but I do buy a lot of SU product. I love SU cardstock! I mainly make cards and would not use other kits. I purchased one Paper Pumpkin kit and ended up using only parts of it. I don't like purchasing things as a "surprise".

Eileen McClean

I sometimes buy the kits especially if they are on sale. I have bought them on the clearance as well as when they come out they seem to be expensive. I think they are very good for gifts and for making sets of cards for hostess gifts. I mean for a hostess gift when you go for supper to a friends as cards can always be used and are always welcome.
However when you see some of the kits they do look lovely but unless they are on sale I buy stamps etc!

Stephanie Cox

I love the card kits. I sometimes need and like the ease of following directions and have a finished product, without having to come up with it myself. The kits are pricey and I sometimes wish they were less, but I understand that the product costs money.

Jennifer K

I like some of the kits and will usually get the ones in my favorite color palettes (when on clearance). I like the "old school" colors vs the new subtle off shades that SU has had the past few years. That is why I don't get many kits. It's a color preference, for me. Thanks for letting us voice our opinions. :)


Hi Patty. While I want the stamp sets that go along with the kits, I do not like the kits. My first complaint would be that the projects are too simple and card styles too plain. The next complaint would be that I don't use the 3x3 size cards, so the materials from those projects were used to spice up an A2 sized card. Finally, too expensive.
Thank you. Hope this is helpful.


I like the idea of the kits but I don't like the quality. That pre-printed stuff is not Stampin' Up quality. Why not use real SU cardstock and ink? And why do the stamps always have to be purchased separately? A complete kit should contain EVERYTHING needed to complete the projects. I would love to see more 3D type kits. The Witches hat a while back was adorable but ran out way too early. And sometimes, I think the price is a bit high. Especially for pre-printed stuff that looks just like (as someone else said) the stuff from the dollar store. Stampin Up quality is usually much better than that cheap stuff. So, why sell the pre-printed stuff?

Linda Duensing

I do not purchase the kits because, first of all it makes duplicates which I do not need as many as they sometimes make. I also feel that I can purchase things that I really want by ordering individually. I have never purchase one of the kits, therefore, I guess I cannot say anything about the quality. I do think that the price is a little high for what you are getting and then you have to order the stamps to complete the projects.

Linda D.


Hi Patty,
I like the kits mostly for giving as gifts to less experienced card makers. For myself, they are a little too basic. In general I think they are a good value. I don't like when the kit won't really work without buying the stamps separately, I would rather they be included.
I don't like when the cards and envelopes are all different sizes. I would rather they stick with the standard 4 1/4 X 5 1/2.
Of the kits I have purchased, I have been happy with the quality.
I have not been happy with the quality of the Paper Pumpkin kits I have purchased, they just seem really cheap to me.

Penny L. Knowles

Hi Patty, Hope you and family had a wonderful Christmas, Little warm for me but what the heck.
I usually don't buy the kit's, It is really weird I feel so restricted and want to go to other embellishments, so out the window went the KIT theory. I have only bought the KIT twice since they have had them. So I am probably a good gauge. : - )

Margaret Burgoon

I do not like kits and I do not purchase them...therefore I don't know if they are a good value.


I really enjoy the kits and buy them often. I'm also a long time paper pumpkin subscriber. Two suggestions for project kits...1. Pls have option to have stamp set included in kit as bundle ((continue to offer without stamp set too because I know others like to "share" stamp set and therefore only need to purchase kit.)). 2. Make kit so there are multiple stamp sets you could yes with it and/or recommend those stamp sets to customers. Thanks Patti!!!

Bonnie Johnson

I like the idea of the kits in getting everything that you need. However, I have been disappointed in past kits I have purchased. Not a good value and the preprinted elements can make cards look store bought rather than handmade.


Although I think the kits are nice, I don't purchase them. I'd rather do my own thing.


I do like kits and have bought SU project kits in the past but I do not like any of the current kits I have subscribed to PP on and off but only like about 1/2 of the kits I bought.


I do not buy the kits. They are expensive and I like to "do my own thing" with elements, so I'm better of buying individual supplies. I do not buy Paper Pumpkin because I don't know what I am getting rom month to month; I don't like $2o surprises, either.

Gloria P.

Hi Patty,
I usually buy the all inclusive card kits. It gives me a variety of new designs to try and new embellishments to work with. I tend to do very simple cards and these help me see new ways to dress up my cards. There are always things left over that can go on other projects. I have "Watercolor Wishes" and love it and the stamp set that only came with the kit. I did the Tin of Cards and bought the stamp set that goes with it. I also did "Oh Happy Day". They are great when inspiration doesn't strike, but you need a card. All inclusive seems to be a better value, but that is just my opinion.


I do not buy kits. I would rather have bundles to make cards. I don't like pre-cut emblems ( cheap looking). I would rather stamp and cut out with the thinlits. I do not get Paper Pumpkin kits. Don't want to be committed each month to something I can't see before receiving. Some kits I would not want and I think they are a little expensive. So I would rather just order outright items from you and make my own cards. Love your work.

C. McK

I do not buy the kits for several reasons. They are way too expensive for the quality of the supplies and the blah designs. I sometimes buy the separate stamps but use them for my own designs and color choices. I do not care for for the subdued colors used for the last several years because the very plain designs do not show up well and make them look like the dollar cards at discount stores. Living on a fixed income I would rather spend my money on stamp and die sets. I would not give the sets as gifts because of the poor quality and plain designs.

Rita Y

I purchased a few pp kits and only liked the Christmas (2015) kit. So I do not purchase them any more.
Do not like the way su kits look. They appear store bought. I would probably try a kit if it was all stampin up products.

Hope you had a Blessed Christmas and will have a Healthy, Happy New Year.

Cindy Otto

I bought the Watercolor Wishes and Tin of Tags sets. Loved them both. They are fun to put together and make great gifts. Would love to see more vintage themed kits, designer paper, stamps, like kitchen utensils, pitchers, canister set, thermos, picnic basket, as well as, vintage art like little children, bunnies, dogs, Santa, Halloween and Christmas images.


I love the all-inclusive card kits (Oh Happy Day and Watercolor Wishes), especially for traveling and to give to new stampers. I also love the Tin of Tags kit. The stamp set and tag designs are super cute. I prefer to buy the all-inclusive kits for the value. I usually don't buy kits that you have to buy the stamp set extra unless it can be used in multiple ways like the set for Tin of Tags.

I don't like and don't buy any of the other kits, especially the home decor kits like the Evergreen Kit. I don't think the quality is very good and the finished products look cheap to me.

Dominique Paul

I purchased Oh Happy Day card kit, and on sale the Stitched with Cheer.
I am not a fan of tags or other type of craft. I find the Oh Happy Day card kit with the stamp was a good value and a fun gift to give as everything is included. The Stitched with cheer is an expensive kit (both for the buyer and for the person giving the gift) as the stamps were not included. Nevertheless, it is a very easy to do project. I do enjoy kits as many accessories are not available in the catalogue 😆


Last year, I purchased Watercolor Wishes card kit during a promotion (at a reduced price). As an all inclusive kit, it was a great introduction for a new stamper. I have to say that I didn't care for the ink spots nor the smaller card sizes. When compared to stamp camp prices (i.e., 4 cards for $15), the price tag is a good value. I purchased the Tin of Tags project kit because I loved the accompanying stamp set, but, I did not care for the quality of the project kit materials. And, I have mixed feelings about the Paper Pumpkin.

I truly have enjoyed the new SU Product Suites of coordinating projects. That has been a breath of fresh air and has increase my interest in purchasing more items. I would suggest designing some kits around product suites -- using same or some coordinating matierals. Purchase the kit and stamp set separately, but since it coordinates, why not purchase other items in the suite.


Have to agree with a lot of the comments that the kits are not good quality. I have purchased a few kits, but find they are too limiting. The kits (including Paper Pumpkin) don't use the same quality paper and I don't like the punch outs either. The kits are way too basic for intermediate or advanced stampers. There was one kit that I didn't get a chance to order about a year or 2 ago.....the witch hat...because it was sold out before I saw it. That should give Stampin Up an idea what kind of quality projects and kits we would like to buy - something that's unique and one of a kind, sturdy - not flimsy.
Bottom line, if I want to make simple cards or tags, I can go to Michael's and buy Recollections embellishments on clearance for 75% of the Stampin Up price and really get what I want and then use SU stamps with the project. Stampin Up has the best DSP and card stock.


The only SU. kit that I bought and completely made up was the Tin of Cards. The others that I have bought disappointed me either because they were difficult to put together (decor pieces in particular), poor quality, or too commercial as opposed to handmade looking. I haven't bought any other card kits from SU recently because I don't think they are a good value. I'd rather spend my money on a bundle that would be more versatile. As someone else said, other companies do kits that include stamps, papers, dies, etc, but still give you the chance to better use your own creativity. And when my current Paper Pumpkin subscription runs out, I won't be renewing that either. I am tired of the inconsistent design aesthetic in the kits and can think of better ways to spend $20 each month with SU. Thank you for the chance to express an opinion.

Rose T.

I have bought some the Tin of Tags. The Happy Day Card Kit is on my wish list. I would never buy the tree kit, just not into much 3D stuff. I saw it put together and was NOT impressed. Also not into anything that requires stitching. They are a fairly good deal, just not as nice as the regular SU paper. Good if you want quick and easy.

Faith Simpson

Hi Patty,
I don't usually buy kits, but I did get the Watercolor Wishes. I have made very few of the cards. In retrospect, I like the looks of the other card kits better. I am strictly a card maker. I don't like 'projects' like boxes or anything else for that matter. In fact, I discontinued Paper Pumpkin because there are too many things that are not cards.
I think the kits are a great idea for a new stamper or crafter though.


As a demo, I've bought kits in the past, however haven't really been pleased with any of them, Therefore hard to recommend to my customers. Really don't feel they are up to SU standards and a little pricey, at least for my customers.. Besides my customers and I prefer buying individual stamp sets, paper, etc and doing our own thing. The kits may be okay for beginners, but I'm not even sure about that, I think I would be worried about losing customers because the kits in my opinion are not up to SU standards.

Dale Barbur

I'm another one who doesn't purchase kits. I do not like to mass produce but to individualize the cards I make. I rarely like any card kits. They are too plain for me. I prefer to purchase items that I can use to show my creativity, not someone else's.

Linda Morris

Hi Patty
I have bought several of the kits and I do like most of them. They allow me to keep up with church birthdays and illnesses when I don't have time to make a card from scratch. My favorite is Watercolor Wishes although I have also purchased the blue tin of cards and the green tin as well. I also bought Oh Happy Day. I often add embellishments from my own supplies and will depart from some of the suggested ideas.
As mentioned in previous posts the quality and creativity does vary but for convenience they can't be beat. Novices can enjoy creating simple cards and the more experienced can embellish and add their own extras..

Leslie Solomon

I don't like the kits due to lack of quality. SU has such a beautiful product line and the kits pale in comparison.


Hi Patti, I don't buy the kits. Too expensive & don't see anything I really like. I prefer spending my money on individual items that I would use more often & can use on multiple projects. For a long time, I've wished Stampin up would offer single sheets of dsp that I could buy multiples of for my own card kits I make. As of now, you only get 2 sheets of same print in a 12x12 pack but I may need 6 sheets of that one print but don't want to buy 3 packs of the whole dsp pack. What about a build your own dsp pack? Each double sided sheet has its own item# allowing you to order as many sheets as needed which provides much more flexibility. Hope this helps.
I really enjoy your blog, creations & simple instructions.
Thanks so much.

Dana M

I have used a few kits in a pinch, but I feel like I'm cheating. I like the creative process and feel the cards and projects I make reflect that.


I bought the "Oh Happy Day"" kit. Actually, my sister and I each bought one. Then we got together one evening and made most of the cards. (Had to finish up later.)
It was fun to do together, but I agree with others that it isn't a great value. With supplies on hand, I could make an equal amount of cards for less money, I believe.
Also, there is no comparison to the materials in kits and SU cardstock and other supplies. I don't understand it. Do they purposely source kits from a different manufacturer?
Bottom line.....they are fasterhan making your own card, and instructions are there to be followed, but you pay for these things.


The kits are expensive as most require additional purchase of a stamp set. Different envelope sizes are wasted unless I use something out of my materials to bring it up to our usual card size. Kits are also cheap as they are using preprinted messages and then some are a peel off. Doesn't look that way in their promotions videos. Paper Pumpkin has just become disastrous. Quality over time has continued to drop, kits are frustrating when the card will not fit in the envelope provided. As previously mentioned, will look at the picture as a possible color inspiration or card front, but usually pass them by. SU seems to be bringing in more kits....purchase stamp sets and bundles. The price of the bundles are getting out of reach for some budgets.....stamp friendly, quality issues...

Karen Byerly

I subscribe to PaperPumpkin, so I haven't purchased card kits recently. However, I will be ordering tin of cards and the two sets (I can't remember the names) for $35. These are $1.75 or less per card. I needed a kit at Christmas when my daughter came home and asked for cards. I made her the November PaperPumpkin Christmas cards with an alternative for a sturdier card and made her other cards with the SU notecards & envelopes. However, I could have made this batch faster with a kit.


Hi Patty
I purchased the tin of cards for a beginner stamper. I like when a kit includes the stamps and a small stampin spot. I do not like the smaller cards as do not use them. I wish the paper pumpkin kit could be vowed before purchase. I do not do projects other than cards.

Gay Ferland

◦Do you like them? (style, color scheme, contents) NO
◦Do you buy them? NO
◦Do you feel they are a good value? NO
◦What are your favorites? NONE
◦Suggestions for future kits?
BETTER QUALITY KITS THAT ALLOW YOU TO PURCHASE ADD ONS. I prefer stamp bundles because of the value, style, contents, and versatile word sets that go along with the bundle.

Joy Hannabass

I usually don't buy the kits. The few I have purchased just wasn't the quality that I can make on my own. I find the kits cheap looking and very juvenile. Especially for the price. I love SU and I enjoy purchasing the products separate and making my own cards. I do like using the kit cards as examples, though I add more embellishments to the cards.

Jan Ross

Very interesting comments by the others. I have bought kits - the all inclusive - and give them as gifts for friends that are considering the craft. For me - I just view them as ideas for clean and simple and fresh looks. I love to make cards and other projects so my SU budget and inventory is far larger than I ever dreamed I would have invested. But kits are so so for me as well. Mainly an inticement for newbies.

Chris R. from Iowa

I am not too impressed with the few I have purchased or have been given as a present. Like most were commenting - some of the stuff seems cheap. I liked the tin of tags kit last year as there was some good embelishments in it but not so much this year. I love this years stamp set. I had purchased a kit 6-9 years ago and stuck it in a drawer. I found it this year and had a great time with it as maybe my taste has changed or could think more outside the box? I bought the star kit and have yet to use it except to rob some of the embelishments from it! The perpetual calendar is a great idea but it would have been better if they had printed both sides in case you screwed up or included a couple extra months. I didn't care for most of the stamps that was available separately and didn't care for the embelishments that came with the kit. As a whole I think they are over priced. I did receive a Christmas card from the stitched card kit and it was much better than pictured. The tree kit did not look like it was good quality in the photos and didn't see many demos using it. The perfectly wrapped is cute but way overpriced for me. Hope this helps.

Rubina Pantoja

I really want to like the kits but I can't seem to get into them. The quality of paper doesn't seem to be like the other SU materials. I also think they're too expensive. Since they don't come with stamps or ink, only stampers with a collection of supplies can really use them.

Mary Ann Ely

Good morning Patty, I know I'm running a little I have bought the last 2 Designer Tin Of Cards Projects. I like them for when I need a quick card to send...I usually don't buy any others just because I love making my own cards. But these are nice for in a pinch and I like the Have a great day and a Happy New Year.


I don't normally buy the kits. However I loved the Christmas 2015 shaker kit! I find them too expensive for what you get plus the stamp set is not included. I would like cards only kits for birthdays & other holidays. Masculine/guy card kits would be nice. Thank you cards in the kits are overdone in my opinion. Also seeing the video's has been a tremendous help in making my decision as to which ones I might buy.


Hi Patty,

It seems as if not many people likes the kits. I am very surprised. I have bought several of the kits and have felt that they were nice, and gives the added convenience of having everything right there to quickly assemble. I do think that they are a little expensive, but I understand why they are. I always feel a little irritated when I see the word KIT, but have to buy the stamp set that goes with it extra. I know that I could use other stamps, but it just seems the stamp set that goes with the kit is a lot more appropriate for that use, most of the time. I usually look for them to be on sale, or when they are on clearance. This makes them a convenient and well priced item for gifts or to make up when one wishes to make cards for many occasions. Thank you for the opportunity to offer thoughts and opinions. Hoping your Christmas was wonderful. May I take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful, safe, healthy and prosperous new year. Thanks for all you do for us. Please know how much you are appreciated and loved.

Best wishes,

Susan B

Hi Patty, Happy New Year. I have only purchased Watercolor Wishes and Oh Happy Day because they came with stamp set. i also bought Tin of Cards because than I have a place to put finished cards. Other wise I don't purchase because they are pricey and would like every thing I need to be included in set.

Pam Murray

Hi, Patty!

I like the idea of all-inclusive kits full of SU quality supplies. I've purchased the Oh, Happy Day kit for using with customers. The colors were bright and pretty, and I liked the layers. But the kit needed cute, on-trend embellishments. I was disappointed with the quality, too. It was fabulous that the stamps were included though. That's the only way I would have purchased it--it's pointless without stamps. This kit was geared towards the beginning stamper, so that was great. We need more things that are all-inclusive for all-levels of stampers/card makers. I think having a kit for each suite would be a fabulous idea. It should contain stamps, a dsp pad, card bases, a little cardstock for matting, and whatever embellishments go with the suite. Other companies do this. Look at Simon Says Stamp. They have a quality monthly kit for around $30. It contains real packaged products that are on-trend and fun to use. You can buy one month-by-month, or you get a discount for a subscription. The point is the quality. No one wants to spend money and time on a less-than quality product that she will then send to loved ones.
I won't purchase other kits if they don't have stamps. They are much too expensive for what you get.
Thank you for giving us this opportunity to give our feedback. Stampin' Up is really good about listening to their demonstrators and customers, and I respect that.

Pam Stewart

Hello Patty!! I, so glad you are addressing some of the items in the catalogs. I ❤❤❤😉 Card kits esp those by Basic Gray. The SU kits (as many have already mentioned) are poor quality, a beginner level, too small (3x3) and/ or do NOT include the stamp set. Typically, by the time you add in the cost of the stamp set=$50!! The card quality/#/and size are in no way worth $50!! I gave up on SU kits many many years ago. I am a paper pumpkin subscriber & am typically pleased w/$$$ vs value of them. Why can't the catalog kits be slightly more than paper pump & maintain that quality & inclusiveness?? Then you'd have a win/win!!! 😉

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