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Project Life Cards - Organized! Watch the Video!

WHY I am doing Project Life in 2016 - My "Why" video


You've heard me chat about Project Life by Stampin' Up!, preserving our family memories and my commitment to that in 2016... and today I am sharing my "Why" with you in the VIDEO BELOW! 

We all have memories, some of us have preserved them in some sort of album, some of us need to do that.. no matter what stage you are in, I hope you find this 2-day mini-series about organizing your photos and memorabilia and getting going with your own Project Life by Stampin' Up! albums helpful!

WATCH the Video below to learn WHY I'm passionate about getting this done!




If you cannot view the video, please click here to see it on my YouTube channel.


Coming tomorrow.. the full story and video of my craft room Project Life Workspace Makeover!

Patty's craft room makeover Project Life counter - before and after


Tune in tomorrow for the video and all the details of my Project Life workspace makeover!

Order your fabulous Project Life Card Organizer at Stamp-n-Storage here!

I am so excited that this area is done and that I'm USING it and have completed 1 year of a Project Life album already!!

I'm working "in the past" and catching up with photos from the early 2000's.. I have about 10 -15  years of photos from our married life that need to be preserved, so I just finished up 2001 last week!  The memories are so fun to look back on when Jason was only 10 and in 5th grade!! 

I've also got all those photos from the late 1800's to about 1980 from the video above, to be archived and preserved, too!

Several of you have asked me to share some sample pages from my albums.. so I am sharing a few today..


Patty's Project Life by Stampin' Up! pages with tips. Preserve your family photo memories with Project Life. #plxsu

Watch for the tips I am sharing on these pages.. it's fun to mix up your pocket pages and use a 12x12 pocket page for larger memorabilia, or crop your photos and mount them to a 4x6 Project Life card.


Patty's Project Life by Stampin' Up! pages with tips. Preserve your family photo memories with Project Life. #plxsu

I have also found that I take about 1/2 of my photos vertical and half horizontal, so, I need to mix up my pocket pages from the Variety Pack 1 (#135294 - here) in my layouts.

135294 variety pack project life pages pattystamps

It's great to include admission tickets and postcards in your Project Life pages, too!

Patty's Project Life by Stampin' Up! pages with tips. Preserve your family photo memories with Project Life. #plxsu


If you are ready to get going and preserve some memories with Project Life by Stampin' Up!, watch the video I did with Sara Douglass as she shares the 3 easy steps it takes to get going!  WATCH OUR VIDEO here.

MY WHY... I am preserving our memories so that I don't leave my son with boxes and boxes of photos like this from my childhood, my mom and dad's early life, and my ancestors.


Why I am committed to preserving our family photos with Project Life by Stampin' UP! - watch the video!


Stay with me and check back tomorrow for all the details on my new Project Life workspace!! I love it!


SHOP ONLINE: If you need any of the supplies to create an album, just click on the Project Life icon below and it will take you right to my online store.

QUESTIONS: If you have any questions, please leave me a comment!

NEED A CATALOG?: Please allow me to send you one if you don't already have a demonstrator!  Leave me a comment or send me an email; PattyStamps@comcast.net



Patty's 2016 Project Life Challenge!

If you are willing to take my 2016 challenge and make this the year that you start Project Life, or get back to it, leave me a comment and let me know!  Let's do this together!  If you need Project Life by Stampin' Up! Supplies, click here or the icon below to shop online anytime!




patty bennett stampin up demonstrator pattystamps


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Janet Higerd

As always, you have inspired me to work on Project Life - shortly after our granddaughter was born (2 1/2 years ago) I bought a cute PL pink album & stuff to use in it - I guess the hardest part for me is printing the photos - so many are taken on our phones - so with my Christmas money I purchased a Selphie printer - now I don't have any good excuses not to print them out. I will try & share when I start & what I get done.
Thank you! Janet


Glad you are putting your life in albums. I'm getting mine together too. Like you I put things for each year together-for the most part anyway.

It just takes time and recognizing that this is the time when you have the time. Thanks for sharing.

Nancy Ann

I am about 4 years behind in our family albums and I have my son's ENTIRE Cub Scout and now Boy Scout pictures to do, plus I have some other specialty albums I want to do. So, yes, I have a lot of work to do!! I want to do this because myself and my kids really enjoy looking through the albums. I want them to remember all the happy and fun times in their childhood as they get older. I also like to look back and remember the fun things. I also want to make a family heritage album so that they can know where they came from. It's a big job but so worth it I think!!

Tanya H

I agree 100%! That's exactly why I have always been passionate about scrapbooking- since I was 15! I want my kids, or whoever, to know the stories behind the photos and why we care about this and that, and where it was taken. I looove grandparents photos but so many are in those black photo albums so that even if there was writing on the back, it's covered by being glued in! And my parents childhood is in those sticky-back albums that are either tearing photos apart or no longer holding on to them! And there was effort, but it is ruining the photos and it is so sad!
I put together my first PL album with this past December, and enjoyed it so much I decided to add in Halloween and Thanksgiving and make it a "Holiday 2015 album". Then I ordered the supplies to do our family vacation from last summer too! PL isn't perfect but it is quick and fun and I'm getting it done! :D

Tracy May

Fantastic that you had the foresight to organise your photos before hand. I'm just thinking back to the boxes of loose photos and unfinished albums I have hiding away upstairs from before I got a digital camera!! I need to lie down - it's giving me a headache!! Lol! One day I will get organised and PL! Thanks for sharing - looking forward to watching craft area makeover video now :-)

June Ferguson

So, so, SO inspiring Patty! Thank you so much for "keeping it real" and showing both the before and after shots! I loved seeing you get organized.....very inspirational to me!
Keep up the good work!
June in KS

June Ferguson

So, so, SO inspiring Patty! Thank you so much for "keeping it real" and showing both the before and after shots! I loved seeing you get organized.....very inspirational to me!
Keep up the good work!
June in KS

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