WHY I am doing Project Life in 2016 - My "Why" video
Double Pocket Card with Wildflower Fields Sale a Bration Paper

Project Life Cards - Organized! Watch the Video!


 I did it! It's organized!!  My Project Life cards, albums and pages are all happily organized and... drum roll... I've been USING THEM and have even completed an entire year in the past couple of weeks!

Thanks to Project Life by Stampin' Up! supplies and my Stamp-n-Storage organizer, I'm a happy camper and am committed to preserving our family memories in albums!


Patty's Craft Room Makeover Project Life counter organized for memory keeping with Stamp n Storage card organizer.


Being organized with the Stamp n Storage pocket Scrapbook Holder and having your crafting supplies at your fingertips is essential to a happy crafting experience and the key to USING your supplies!!  I'm so happy now that I can just grab some photos and slip them into my Project Life albums anytime!!!

WARNING.. although this card organizer is amazingly fabulous.. there are some really disturbing MESSY MESSY MESSY craft room images in this video!!  :)




 If you are unable to watch the video above, see it on YouTube here.


Watch THIS VIDEO to see WHY I am working on Project Life in 2016!


Patty's Craft Room Makeover Project Life counter organized for memory keeping with Stamp n Storage card organizer.


SHOP for supplies online:

Project Life by Stampin' Up! supplies available here! Albums, cards, accessory packs, pocket pages, stamps, journaling markers and more all available HERE ONLINE!

Stamp n Storage Project Life card organizer available HERE online (mine is the largest size).

As I mentioned in the video above, I did go ahead and have my neighbor install a raised countertop over the wood cabinet top.. so now I have about 4" more space, plus a slot between the countertops to store all the flat background boards I use for photography and video backgrounds, PLUS (BIG plus) it's about 5" taller so I can very comfortably stand at this counter and work!!


Patty's craft room makeover Project Life countertop with Stamp n Storage card organizer

Patty's Craft Room Makeover Project Life counter organized for memory keeping.

Patty's Craft Room Makeover Project Life counter organized for memory keeping with Stamp n Storage card organizer.


Patty Bennett's 1st complete Project Life album - 2001 is Done!


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Mary Ann Ely

Good morning Patty,WOW I didn't know they had a Pocket Scrapbook holder. Going to get me one for my Project Life cards....I still need to empty mom's room :( to get my scrapbooking and cardmaking stuff into it. I have a lot done in the room but now to remove fruniture and get my HUGE entertainment center into her room. What a mess. It's a 2 section, 4 ft. 1/2, one section and 5 1/2, second section. Full of drawers I need to empty and all kinds of stuff on top and below. The problem is where to put it all to move the Center into the room. But I have to get it done so I have a much bigger room to move in. I have 2 of stamp and storage Lockdown Punch Holders,2 of their shelves for my stamp sets, and they hold quite a few,and their 6 drawer storage for my glues from SU , everything I need at my fingers tips, LOVE it,and 1 die shelf, I'm going to use it for something else. It doesn't hold many dies. Now going to order 1 more shelf for stamp sets and the Pocket Scrapbook holder for my Project life. I will show you my room if I ever get it done,,,,, NO, I'm determined to get it done since I saw your video.LOL...I have one question. How many pocket pages will go into a 12 x12 project life album? I REALLY need to get on with my scrapbooking. Sorry for writing you a book.lol,,, Have a great day

Nancy Ann

Congratulations and good job doing all that hard work!! My crafting table is a standing table as well, my husband created it using IKEA stuff and I love it. I do have a high bar stool type chair to sit down if I need to, but I love standing and doing my crafting. Sounds weird but it really works well for me!!

Your organization looks great!!

Janet Higerd

Awesome new counter top - what a great idea! Wished that my daddy lived closer so he could help me with my craft room & build me cool stuff like that. :) There is a guy here in town that does cabinet work so I may have to contact him sometime. I just ordered the PL card organizer - can't wait to get my supplies out & use them.


Hi Patty - Great organizational video - very inspiring. I was looking for a link that you mentioned in your video. It was a how to cover the empty Project Life boxes. I would love if you would share that. Thanks - Susan

Sandra K. Rowland

Hi Patty Love your get it done efforts. While watching your video you said "does anyone need an October Paper Pumpkin Kit?" YES! I do! I check your stamping blog everyday. I am not good on computer things (or typing) so I do not subscribe to anything. Maybe later when I get braver! But I am an AVID STAMPER, and Stampin Up is my favorite! I do; however, have a wonderful demonstrator in my own backyard. I am very interested in acquiring Octobers' PP Kit. You have my EMAIL so please contact me. In the words Of Marilyn Monroe Thanks Ever So. Sandra.


Patty. I'm in I am going to get my Project Life albums organized and filled with photos and cards. I will also make some albums for my two boys with the extra copies I ordered over the years. I hate that no one can enjoy looking at them in the boxes and trays I have them stored in. Please keep posting your progress to keep me inspired as well as others.

Kerry You truly are an inspiration to all of us.

Sandy Salazar

I love your organization videos! It looks way more attainable and usable than a few others I've seen. Also, I would totally like to take one of those Paper Pumpkin kits off your hands ;)

Nicole Steele

Great organizing! I love Stamp-N-Storage products. I have many of them. They are wonderful, wonderful Christian people, too.

I made my first PL album recently with photos of our Universal Studios Christmas gift/vacation. I LOVED it! It is so fun to alter the cards and work with a smaller canvas. Each card/pocket is a tiny work of art. So fun!

Jane Harrah

Nice work. I just need to know where you hid all the rest, LOL! I love the metal tray and hope you get to use it at some point! Is your stamp area that neat? There was a forum on SCS that asked when your stamp area was cleanest. I said, right before I have friends in to stamp!


I do love pocket page albums and I enjoy the occasional 12 X 12 layout for titles and Special pictures. This makes scrapbooking achievable. Your videos prove three important concepts:
1. We really do need to preserve our memories; the people who helped create them are too often and too soon departed. 2. We really can complete an album in quicker fashion with the help of these tools/cards. 3. Never underestimate the advantage to having a great organizing system; it not only declutters the workspace and frees you to be more creative but helps you to know what you have so that you actually use them in a timely fashion.
One more thing I love about pocket cards...With SU products you can create and customize your own cards...gotta use up my DSP instead of hoarding it, so I can buy the next beautiful set, right?
I love your videos and blog...although I shop SU with my best friend/demonstrator here in Georgia, you really inspire me and I admire all of your accomplishments! Thank you! I will enjoy the journey of completing these albums with you!


Patty, Patty, Patty!
I LOVE how you shared your PL organizing with us!!! Esp. the step up kind of pocket organizer - I don't know how to desceribe it - but it was center stage on the viedo (Center Stage!!!) Is that a PL item - sold, where??? And, how much did you pay for it?
It looks like a great item for organizing. I'd love to know more about it.
BTW - I am not going to On stage - this April as I it will be a very busy month as we prep to move into our next home over in Prescott, AZ. But if you go, I know it will be WONDERFUL!

ANyway, I'd to know where you got the step up organizer. Thanks much.
Stamp, Create, Play ... Everyday! Nola

Cindy McCool

I was like you, until recently, owning every PL collection and not using them. I usually scrap at crops so knew my collection had to be mobile so mine is in a large plastic box with carry handle & dividers that I can close & take with me. I ran all my cards together, and created categories that made sense to me. Some of my categories are journal, gird, text, quotes, colorful. I followed the method you used, placed my pictures in the dividers then went back with cards & embellishments. Since I've reorganized into this carry box I've completed 2 12x12 albums and have really used my PL supplies. SU should make a larger box to carry the card collection in. I had to buy mine from CTMH. Thanks for sharing


Hello, Patty.

Great video! I wanted to ask about the backgrounds you store and use for photos. Is there a previous post about them or can you share what you use?

Cindy Starns

Hi Patty

GREAT Video. You have inspired me to get all my Picture out get them ready to use our project Life. I like your Counter you have. I have a spot in my Stamp room that I can do the same thing. Thank You. Going to order my Large card holder an get going.


I would love to know the answer to Kellee question. Is there a place where we can see your answers? thanks

Judy in Maricopa

Patty, THANK YOU for sharing your new organized space for PL. I LOVE your videos and how you share great stuff, tips, tricks, encouragement and ideas! THANK YOU for ALL you do to help others!
Much appreciated! Judy in AZ

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