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Patty, these video tutorials are wonderful. I am still finding may way around MDS and love your tips.

Julie Leblanc

Thank you so much for sharing all that wonderful information :-)

I love MDS more and more everytime I watch your tutorials!


Cindee Wilkinson

How cool is that? Love all of your tips. Thanks so much!

Gwyn  Crawford

This video is a true WOW!!! You are so smart I would never have thought of that. Thank you so much for sharing!

Rhonda Morgan

I was thinking that might have been how you did it but I'm just amazed at how much you are discovering and teaching all of us the tips and tricks!! Can't wait for blog headers!
Thanks so much!

Gladys Rienks


You're the BEST! Love your video MDS tutorials. Thanks for sharing with us.



Great tutorial. Thanks so much! So glad you are sharing your wonderful discoveries with all of us!


Very clever. Thank you.

Diane Harman

Patty, Thanks so much for all the sharing you are doing. It is so awesome for me to be able to learn these tips and tricks from you.

Bev Dahl

You are awesome! What a clever idea! You are making MDS more and more fun all the time!
Thank you, also, for emailing me and helping me through trying to create card inserts! It WAS my margins and I got it corrected!
Thanks for all you do for us!

Valerie Durham

I just love you so much!!! Thanks for taking your time to educate us!

Kelly Keating-Caraway

Absolutely awesome, I love it!!! Thanks for sharing it with us.

image coloring

Totally cool.

Lois Folla

Hi Patty,

If you can believe it, I finally heard your first MDS Video, this one, and it is wonderful! I heard so much chatter about it, and knew when I had a free moment I just had to see 'hear' what all the buzz was about... Well, my dear, you continue to outdue yourself!!!


awesome, awesome, awesome! All the things you've shown talked me into getting this for Christmas and now I'm using this tip! thank you so much! :D

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