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Printing My Digital Studio cards at 1/2 price!

I have a GREAT tip for you if you'd like to save some $$ and print your My Digital Studio cards for 1/2 price!!  SEE Below for the VIDEO.

  Summer home card tutorial-001 copy

Copyright question / solution:

Michele asked about the copyright not being on the back of the card when you cut it in 1/2... some solutions:

1.  you can add one of the MDS copyright stamp images on "page 2" of your project, which will print on the back of page 1. (pg 4 comes with the copyright info printed on it - which would be the back of pg 3)

2. you could stamp one of the SU! copyright stamps on the back of your project

3. you can get a personalized stamp made with the copyright info to stamp on the back of your project

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Have you placed your order for October to use my exclusive October coupon yet?


April Roycroft

Awesome tip Patty! You are so smart!!!

Michele Zygmunt

I love your video tutorials, Patty! Thanks for creating them.

One question: What about the copyright requirement since only the back page has the MDS logo, SU! copyright?

LeeAnn Greff

Such a great tip! Thanks so much for doing these videos. Keep 'em coming - please!

Lisa Brown

Great tip! Thanks again, Patty!

Tonja Romero

THANKS so much for the great tip!(and WONDERFUL tutorial) I just placed my first order for a set of cards today ---- can't wait to see how they turn out. I'll definitely be using this tip for my next card project!

Sarah Miller

Patty, you make it look so easy.
I'd like to know how to make a newsletter.

Melissa Canales

Thank you for the great tutorial, Patty. I learn so much from you!


WOW - Patty thanks for sharing such a great tip. You are always thinking and I love that you continue to share all your great tips and advice with us.
Thank you!

Linda Tarolli

Your MDS tutorials make it look so easy! I wish I found it that way. Thanks so much for sharing your great pointers. I would not have realized that p. 3 was the "greeting" part of the card. Duh.

Having said that, could we actually print a four-sided card? It seems likely.

Sue Duffy

Patty - you should be paid by SU! You are my go-to-person for MDS! Thanks for this video! And thanks for sharing that label, too - it's a gem.

Vicky Kahlandt

Thanks again Patty!! You ROCK!!!!! You should be doing this for SU!!!!

Sylvia De Jong-Simpson

What a fabulous idea! Is it easy to cut on the fold line when you get them back? Just curious! Or do you have to "shave" off the edge a bit? You really do rock!!! Thanks for sharing with us all your innovative ideas.
Sylvia De Jong-Simpson

Staci Miserlian

I was going to mention about the copyright that if you used them as postcards, there would be a big copyright logo printed on the back of the "page 3" card. It should still leave enough room for the address & stamp, though. Looking at this design that you used got me to thinking about printing bigger cards with the intention of cutting them in half and folding that 1/2 to get a smaller sized card. You could do 3x6 cards with the 6x6 square ones.
Anyway, thanks for the great ideas & tutorials!

Janice Urke

You have such a gift for teaching!! Thanks for taking the time to make these tutorials and for sharing them!


Along these same lines, couldn't you make 4 postcard fronts on a scrapbook page layout? Or two folded cards from a scrapbook page layout, leaving 1/2 of the page blank....there wouldn't be any design on the inside, and you would have to score the paper yourself, but you wouldn't have to layer on another piece of cardstock. I wonder how thick the "Individual Pages" paper will be. I do see the footnote that single pages are not yet available.

Bev Dahl

Hello Patty. I just love your tutorials! They are so informative.
I am wondering if there is a way to print just the front of a card. I would like to be able to create the insert for a card using dsp and embellishments virtually but just have the inside printed on our whisper white or other cardstock. I tried to save it as a jpg but that didn't work either.
For example, I created my Christmas Cards but wanted to use Baroque Motifs and the Peace Love Joy stamp with some ribbon and bows for the inside sentiment of my dimensional cards but I can't get it to print except as one image in the middle of an 8 1/2 X 11 sheet.
Thanks for all you do!

Lois Folla

I am really enjoying your tutorials! Thank you for ALL you do for ALL of us, my friend!

Cindi Avery

Thank you, Patty! I have a question on how do you use MDS to make 2 cards on one 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 sheet in your home printer? I'm trying to print two identical card fronts on one side of my card stock and then the interior greeting on the other side, then be able to cut the printed card stock in half to make two cards. Do you have a formula you use for margins? Thank you for any help you can provide. Cindi Avery


Hi Patty
Thank you for this wonderful tutorial. I was in search of the same question as Cindi Avery above, but I'm glad I happened upon the tips in this tutorial as well! Do you have an answer to her question, mine as well, printing on your home computer? Thanks so much

Madeleine Truman

Good work on that one, Patty. You made it look simple and creative. This is a good technique for people who want to show off their creativity in designing. They just have to keep their ideas intact and start making their post cards. Yup, cause every style is considered a product of creativity.

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