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My Digital Studio VIDEO Tutorial - Resizing Ribbon

One of the most asked questions I have been hearing is...

"How do I Resize or Insert a small piece of ribbon on my My Digital Studio project!?"

My Project 3-001

I have a VIDEO TUTORIAL for you to show you how to resize the ribbon!  Enjoy!  Let me know what else you'd like to see.. my next video is "How to print 1/2 price cards" then a Blog Header tutorial. 

BE SURE TO WATCH THE ENTIRE VIDEO  - there are 2 projects shown on this video.

Great tip shared by several readers.... right click on the object that you want to place the ribbon on or under, click edit object, and see what the width of that item is, then use that # when resizing your ribbon!

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Susan Banks Vena

Hi from Italy, Patty; I always follow your blog for projects - was watching your tut for resizing ribbon using MDS.
Can't you just use the bounding box handles for resizing the length? Also - if I want to make the ribbon the same width as something I already have on the page ( say a tag ) if I right click on the tag and go to 'edit' that should give me the width of the element, so if I take a note of that and go back to my ribbon, right click, edit and put in the width of the tag will that shrink the ribbon to the right size?
I don't have MDS but these programs intrigue me and I sometimes write tutorials for them!!

Melissa F.

Another great MDS tutorial Patty. Love that you can make the ribbon only go over part of the project this way. I was wondering the same thing as Susi about clicking on the object I want to match the width of and seeing it size and this just making the other one the same size without having to guess. I will have to give this a try. Thanks again.

Lisa Brown

Thanks, Patty! Another wonderful tutorial!

Eileen McClean

Patty thanks for doing this as you make it easy and it is great to watch a few times till you get the hang of things, thanks for sharing

Vicky Kahlandt

I just wanted to say thank you so very much for sharing these MDS tutorials. I was trying and trying to figure out the ribbon resizing and couldn't get it. SU should have you doing these for them!


Hi Patty,

I check your blog everyday and love all your wonderful ideas and samples. Thanks so much for your tutorials. They are a great help!


Anne Granger

Awesome tutorial Patty. I was playing with MDS the other night and could not figure out how to adjust the ribbon!! Thank you for this great tip!!

I do have a question for you..I notice on your video that you were able to have a large screen when working on your project as you were able to see the whole do you do this?? I can only get a small window to show and have to keep moving the bar from side to side or up and down to see my project.

Can't wait for the next video!!


Hey, I just wanted to give you a tip. If you right click on any object and edit, you'll see it's width. Then you can apply that width to the new object without the trial and error.

Tee - non MDS digital scrapper


One other thing... can't you just grab the figure handles (boxes at the corner of your object) and resize? If you use the one in the center on either side, it won't change the height, only the width.



Thanks Patty, & to those that comment. Without this blog...where would we be?? Everything that's been posted has been so helpful.

Sue Bishop

Thanks so much for this information!!! I will use it a lot.

Sue B

Nendy Kerr

Thanks so much for the great MDS tutorials!!! They are really helpful since I don't know a lot about digital papercrafting.


Patty, This is a great tutorial! Thanks so much. On my MDS projects, I just click on the object I want to match and look at the width of that element. Then I can match the width on the element I'm adding without all of the guess work.


Patty, your tutorials on the MDS have been fabulous. I noticed on the Tree Trimmings page here that it looks like you colored it in. How did you do that? Did you just put punches in different colors behind it? Would that work. You are the best and THANKS so much for sharing wisdom gained!!

Kay Sha

HI, Patty! How do you make a ribbon bow in MDS?

Lisa Lange

Thanks, Patty! Every little tip you share with us is greatly appreciated :)


My Apple laptop does not have right click,
should I be hesitant to purchase MDS?

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