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Oval Frame - Petal's a Plenty embossing folder

I have seen several stampers cutting their Stampin' Up! embossing folders to create other patterns and designs.. so I thought WHY NOT CUT OUT THE OVAL shape so I don't have to use the wood frame (see THIS POST).


Oval petals folder 2

I used my Stampin' Up! Hobby Blade to cut the oval.

Oval petals folder

How great that the folders are so affordable that I can create several different shapes if I want to!  :) You can use the Oval Scallop die as a cutting guide.

Hobby blade

  Hobby Blade, pg 191, item 102449, $4.50





Petals a plenty folder

Petals a Plenty Impressions Folder,

Holiday Mini catalog pg 21,

item 116824, $7.95



MDS curly label kiwi sig Shopping cart shop now


Jenn Van Wart

Too cool Patty. Never would have thought to do this. Thanks for this great tip!!! :)

Michelle T.

WOW, you are BRAVE to cut that! I would have never thought to do it! Sure looks nice!

Saundra Huston

What a great idea, you should foward you idea to SU maybe they will design a folder like that.

Lynda Glassmoyer

AWESOME, Patty! You clever gal, you!

Kathy McDowell

What a "DOH!" moment! Of to place the order for another set of embossing folders... :-)

Nancy W

That's a great idea! You probably could cut the shape with a steel rule die as well ;-)


I think this might interest you and you would not have to cut your folder. I tried this and it works but have not made a card using this technique as yet.


Well Duh! Call it a Sr. Blonde - stuffed with a head cold moment. Here is the link!

Stephanie Atterbury

Such a great idea! I like this folder way more w/the oval in the center! It was a bit too much w/all those flowers. The little break in the center makes it so much more elegant!


That is brilliant!

Jan Castle

Such a good should pass your idea on to Cuttlebug!
Jan Castle

Shona Watson

Awesome idea Patty! You rock!

Jan Hoyt

oh my goodness!!! That is SOOO much easier than all the other ideas I had tried and it will help boost sales! lol! Now I have to order another Petals a Plenty to use for this as well as one to "alter" so I can do a border only embossed impression! Thanks for about the light bulb clicking on, good thing your light bulb had a power source, apparently I had failed to flip the switch on mine! Jan


it seems as though the wood frame might have given a smoother transition not as bold of a transition...i have been using the wood frame after I saw it on your website and love it!!!

Melissa Canales

Love all of your ideas, Patty! Thank you.

brenda marshall

Patty, I copied you (of course!) but I just cut the hole in one half of the folder and that worked great too - a bit less work ;-) TFS Brenda


Hi Patty, I love the look you got! If you cut your embossing folder, do you still use the same sandwich as if you are doing a whole folder? tfs Mary

Carolyn Garland

Hi Patty,
I do the same thing but I cut out of cardboard the design I want put it on top and the rest is embossed its beautiful. then you use your folder like you always would no need to buy others its really easy tricky at first is all. thanks carolyn

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