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Fun Flower Pens!!

A couple weeks ago at my Luv 2 Stamp Group meeting, I gave all my meeting helpers a fun notepad on the a Stampin' Up! Clipboard with a coordinating FUN FLOWER PEN!!!  One of my very talented demonstrators, Lenee Pearson, made the pens for me to give as gifts.. aren't they toooooooo cute!?


Pens pads 

To make the fun flower pen toppers, she started with 3 strips of DSP:

1-1/4" x 12", 1-3/4" x 12" and 2-1/4"x 12".  Cut each strip into "fringe" (see below) leaving about 1/4" uncut along the 12" side. Do this to all 3 strips.

Pen strips 

add Snail to the 12" strip and some sticky strip to the pen or pencil end, and start winding the paper strip around the pen tip (starting with the smallest one).

Pen rolling 

start with the smallest strip, then add the middle strip and end by rolling the largest strip around them all.  Secure with a ribbon:
Pen ribbon 

finally, use your bone folder or scissors and "curl" the fringe outward:

If you use a pencil, you can add a corduroy brad in the center of the eraser as shown above!

Thanks Again, Lenee for this GREAT project idea!

Signature hybiscus



Adorable fun is right!

Diana Gibbs

Hi Patty,
Thanks for showing this, I would have never figured it out!
See you in SLC!!!



I was wondering how to make those flowers. Thanks for sharing.


These are so cool! I already put together gifts for my club ending tonight, but have a new club starting this month, so guess what they'll be getting! Thanks for sharing!

Lisa Brown

Oh so cute! Thanks for sharing, Patty!


Love them! These are great to give to the ladies attending my class this weekend. Thanks for sharing.


Another WOW!!!! project----thanks for sharing.

Jolie Newman

Love these!!! Qucik you put sticky strip on each layer or only on the pen/pencil?
Thanks for sharing

Allison Barber

Thanks for the tutorial! How far down did you start the second strip? 1/4" or so? I was so excited to make one, I just added the second strip directly on top of the first one and the base is quite thick.



This is so cute!!! thanks for sharing! What a great way to use up some of that old DP!!!!


Awesome idea! Thanks for sharing! jack

Katies Flower Pens

Those are really cute. I love them! I make flowerpens also, but mine look like real flowers. They are often mistaken for the real thing. You should check out my website and feel free to sign up for my newsletter so I can keep you updated on the latest and greatest.

Katie @ Katies Flower Pens

Omg that looks so impressive! How long does it take you to make one pen when it takes such dexterous skills?

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