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It's my Birthday, but YOU get the GIFT!

To help celebrate my birthday, I'm giving away kits and tutorials for these AWESOME Wallet Projects!!! 

For all Customer orders of $100 or more (placed On Line HERE) on May 27, 28 or 29 I will send the paper good supplies in a kit and email you the 18 page tutorial to make a His AND Hers wallet !!!! 

Wallets 1 

Her wallet open 

His wallet open 

For each $100 or more order, I will send you the cardstock and window sheet supplies, plus the flower brad & velcro dot required to make these 2 projects and I'll email you the wallet tutorial FREE!

Not placing an order?  The Wallet Tutorial Can be ordered HERE.

Signature hybiscus


Sharon Field / Createdbyu

Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You!! Have a lovely birthday Patty!! I hope you get lots of orders! Hugs, Sharon Field

Corinne (aka Roxy) Somerville

Happy Birthday Patty !!!!!! I hope you have a wonderful something extra special for yourself today !!!!

Big Hugs !!


Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy your day:)


Happy Birthday Patty! Enjoy your day!

Selene Kempton

Happy Birthday Patty!

Eileen McClean

Happy Birthday, Patty it is my birthday today also. My Mum and dad are usually here from Ireland but this year I will go home so it seems funny not having them here with me. I am a young 55.I went swimming and I haven't been swimming in a while but just to porve I'm still "young" I swam 64 lengths which is a mile, but all the best for your day and many more.

Dawn Bullock

What fun! Cute purses! Hope you have a great birthday - it's my birthday too! Let's celebrate!


Patty, I wish you a very happy birthday. I hope you have a super day today with your loved ones:-)I also think you have to do something very special only for you!
I am so sorry, that i have not send you a real birthday card.
Hugs and kisses from Germany


Happy Birthday Patty!!!!! Have a Great day!!!!


Happy Birthday. What wonderful projects.


Happy Birthday Patty,
Hope your day was loads of fun and that the coming year will be greatly blessed. Thanks so much for your time and efforts that bring to all of us the wonderful surprises and ideas. Have a Happy.


Happy Birthday!! hope you've had an awesome day!

big hugs


Happy birthday Patty! Enjoy this very special day!

Julie B

Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday to you I hope you get lots of orders. I would love to order one but I lost my job. Good Luck to you on your orders. I love your Blog!


Hi Patty!
Well, well - I knew you were SPECIAL and now I know why! We share the same birthday. Mine was yesterday (27th). Although I think I may have a few years ahead of you! Hope your day was as GREAT as mine was!


Jan Hoyt

Happy Birthday, Patty...better late than never! I loved seeing the wallet samples and my favorite part was the SU Great Rewards VISA cards sticking out of the credit card slots. How fun! Hope that your day was a happy one! Jan

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