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Tutorial: Envelope Die - resized to fit a Gift Card

One of the things I taught my downline at our Luv 2 Stamp group meeting on Saturday was how to alter ourScalloped Envelope Die to make it BIGGER to fit a credit card - they loved learning this and making one!

Env 9 

step 1: start with a 6x6 piece of DSP

Env 1 

step 2: fold it in 1/2

Env 2 

step 3: align the folded edge with the 3rd scallop down on the die

Env 3 

Env 4 

step 4: run it through the BIg Shot machine

step 5: open up the envelope and burnish out the fold/crease with the Bone Folder

Env 5 

step 6: seal the edges shut with Sticky Strip and you have an envelope sized to fit a Gift Card!

Env 6 

Env 7 

Env 8 

Signature hybiscus



This is great information - Thanks!

Sue M.

Amazing! How do you come up with all this cool stuff?!?!

Staci Miserlian

I don't think I've ever seen anything so BRILLIANT and USEFUL! Thank you SO much for sharing this little tidbit. I will use it often!


What a great trick. Thanks for sharing and I know I will use this tip lots at Christmas and Birthdays.

Eileen McClean

This is wonderful as it is so useful ,what a great technique/trick.Thanks for sharing

Bev Dahl

Thank you so much! I have been so disappointed as to the size of this little envelope for so many reasons! This makes it so simple and such a no brainer! You are so awesome!

Laura Albertson

This is one of those forehead slapping moments!! Very cool- TFS!

Becky Jensen

Thank you Patty! This makes the die so much more useful now!

Lisa Freeman

Wow Patty,
You are amazing! I have been wishing they were gift card size but never thought of doing it that way to make it bigger.....genius!


What?! That is SO cool...thanks for the tip!

Kay Kalthoff

AWESOME! Thank you so much for sharing! BTW, I check out your blog all the time . . . I'm always very impressed with your creativity! Thanks -


Very smart! Thanks for sharing.

Debi Pippin

Patty, Did I ever tell you that you are one of my favorite people!!! Thanks for another way to use that die. I even like that better than my Frankenstein. I am always on a look out for different ways to use the same die. Leave it to me to want more for my money! Can't wait to see you at convention again.
Debi Pippin Florida


Too COOL! Who woulda thunk?? Thanks for sharing with us, Patty!

Tara Berkey

Thanks so much for the wonderful idea!! I love making these envelopes and now I can make them a little bigger!! :o)


Patty - You're ever so clever! Thanks for sharing the instructions! Very cool! :)

Sharon Roeder

Oh Patty, I'd hug you if I could! I know I saw someone's blog a while back where they told how they did this, didn't save it, and could NOT ever find it again! I asked on SUDSOL in case the person was a member, and while I didn't find them that way, I DID have dozens of people e-mail me...asking me to forward it to them if I found it! LOL I can stop racking my brain now - or at least about how to do this! LOL Thanks! Sharon


Patty-you are one creative lady and I am soooo happy to know you!!!! Yet another use for this awesome die!! I LOVE IT!!! TFS!

Barbara V

ah-MAZE-ing!!! And we thought it couldn't be done! Just ask Patty.


Brilliant! A cyber bouquet to you for sharing this great tip!


Thanks for this!!! Maybe I can sell more of these dies if I tell them this...people were disappointed that they weren't the size for a gift card. You ROCK!!!

Lorraine Castellon-Rowe

You are just too darn clever Patty!! What an awesome tip! Thanks for the tutorial too!!

Peggie Sue

Yeppie for Patty!! Great trick, thanks for all you do and keep it comin!


You are so clever and gifted to think of that! FTS!


Very this idea. Where do you come up with this stuff?! You're awesome! :)


Great idea. Thanks for sharing!

Diane Browning

OMG! You are absolutely brilliant! I was so disappointed that this die was just too small for Gift Cards and your suggestion fixes this problem. Thank you!

Bev Victory

You are just amazing! I have been so irritated by the size of this envelope for just this reason and you just fixed it! Thank you - Now if you can come up with a way to make the pillow box big enough to hold a gift card that would be over the top! Thanks for sharing.

Diane Beckman

Hi Patty,

All the above comments also from me. Thanks so very much for sharing.

Blessings, Diane Beckman

Joan B

Patty-Thanks for sharing such great info and always inspiring us. I turned the cs the other way accidentally (lining it up at the third scallop the short way instead) and it actually makes a cute little gift card envie.
Just wanted to pass on my accidental discovery.


Thank you for everything you share. This is the greatest Idea for that envelope die. Now there is more uses for it.


Very COOL! I can't wait to make one or 10!!

Marjorie Gibson

Awesome - a big hug all the way from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I will be using this technique so often! Thanks for sharing

Sue Duffy

OMG - you are a genius! Thanks, Patty! I, too, was disappointed in the size of this envelope, although I used it inside cards for checks and $ - I can't wait to show my customers - I'll bet we sell a few more of these dies!

Claudine Fujii

Truly amazing! I'm speechless. Thanks once again.


WOW Patty Great tutorial. Can't wait to try it. Thanks so much for always sharing - you are so sweet.


Lauren Y.

Oh Patty, I am just wondering about this and here you come as rescue!!! You are too smart! Thanks for teaching us this tip!

Rosemary Olson

Once again you are the best, not only to your customers but to other SU demos! I had read about doing this but your photos and instructions are so clear and easy. Thank you a ton for sharing. Happy long week-end!

barb hendrickson

Hi Patty!

What an awesome way to use that little envelope die. I always felt a bit frustrated that it was a tad bigger for this exact usage, so now I am much happier with this die. I will use this at my next stamp camp! Thanks so much for sharing your ideas and inspiration. :)



Love this!! At first I thought you meant SU resized a new die to fit gift cards and I was going to scream!! You are so clever. :)

Wanda Williams

Patty, that is absolutely wonderful! Thanks for sharing!!!


I had to stop halfway through and run over and try it. Wow just amazing, no fussing or anything -- works perfectly.

Jan Hoyt

oh wow! You have made me SOOO very happy!!! I love the little scallop note and it's so cute but it was totally useless in that tiny size! Not even a business card fits! But now? Well, now I will RULE the world of gift cards!!!! Can scarcely resist running downstairs rigt this very minute to try it. Thanks for the photo explanation...I tend to be rather a visual learner and that really helped! Jan


BRILLIANT!!! Thanks for the great idea. This will be perfect for my daughter's upcoming b-day party!

Lisa Miller

Thanks SO much for sharing this tutorial!! We thrive on your sharing goodness!! You Rock!


Patty, I love this idea. I a playing with it right now. I am having trouble with the die cuting all the way through the paper. When I fold it, it falls apart. Any helpful ideas???


Ah, Patty, you are a genius!


I am so happy i found this! i JUST used the die was incredible disappointed that a GC did not fit...YAAAAAAAAAAAAY for you for making it work!! WOOT WOOT.

Tera Nakano-Louie

This is perfect!! Thank you!


Simply brilliant! I used your directions to make a little gift card holding bag using the Scallop Envelope die. Thanks for the inspiration!


Sorry. Here's the link if you're interested


Brilliant!!!! TFS :)

envelope printing

I see the method and it is is a one of the easiest things to make the envelope . I like to to this at home make some things form you .

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