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Bright Delights Rub-on Class part 2

Top Note Die Tip with Window Plastic template - VIDEO

This was one of the 5 proejcts we made in my Bright Delights Rub On class last week:

Top note card 

I used the Stampin' Up! Thick Window Sheet plastic (#114324, pg 10 of the Occasions Mini) and the Top Note Die to make a template for sponging the edge of the Top Note Die cut. I made a video to show how I did the Kiwi Kiss sponging around the top edge of the Top Note Die.. you can view the video here:

Hope that was helpful!

Signature hybiscus



Great tip Patty! I looked at the card and thought you had layered and cut it. This is much easier!


Brilliant idea!!


awesome tip! Thanks so much for sharing! I love your blog, Sue

Gail S.

Thanks for sharing a wonderful tip!

Marilyn Goodrich

Genius! Thanks for the fabulous tip! Guess I need to buy the heavy-weight window sheets now :-)

Cindee Wilkinson

Thanks for the great tip! I made 3 of your cards yesterday and ended up putting a Kiwi Top Note under the white Top Note, but I love your tip. I did decide to order all of the window sheets and they will be here tomorrow. Yeah, can't wait to try out your tip. Thanks for the video. I am so much the visual learner.


Great thinking green tip Patty!

Mary B

That was a brilliant idea! I dropped everything and cut out a template. This will be so much faster than 'precision sponging'. Thanks for sharing.

Linda S

Thanks for sharing Patty!
How Brilliant :-)


Fabulous Tip! Thanks Patty! BTW, I like how your video was presented with the zoom in and out part. :)

Shirley Kramer

Great tip Patty, I wondered how you would be able to cut out a layer on the back, in the exact proportion to the Top Note Die, unless you had a 'slightly larger" top Note Die. Now I see your fabulous creative mind working here, and making it easy for us.

Terri E.

Thanks so much for sharing all of your fun tips. I really appreciate it!

It's good life!
Terri E.

Barbara V

Another great tip Patty. Oh yes...I would definitely need to mark which side is "UP" just for me because I would probably be the first one to smear ink all over my project!

Sherry D

FAB-ulous tip Patty, TFS!! Ü


Great tip, Patty. Thanks so much for creating it for us. You're terrific!

Lisa Freeman

Brilliant! THanks for the tip!! It will make doing that border so much easier now.

Jenn D

Fabulous tip Patty! I'm finally getting window sheets this week. I'll have to try it out.


Great tip, thanx so much. Dotto might help hold the window sheet die cut in place as you dauber the color on. Love Dotto!

Elizabeth Sloman

Thank you for sharing - I love your work!

Terry Molineux

Wow Patty that's amazing now I know what your sales are so great and you win all these trips....You are a great demonstrator with a vast amount of knowledge....Thanks so much for sharing with us!


thanks for sharing Patty. Great tip


Love this tip, Patty. Window sheets will be on my order today. Thanks!


Excellent tip Patty. I can't wait to make a template and give it a try. Thanks. jmniffer

Renee Ondrajka

Love the great idea. Thanks for sharing. I especially like your videos. I'm thinking about doing one, but still in the thinking process.


Excellent idea, Patty! You've convinced me to order those window sheets!

Lisa Stout

OMG! Great Idea.

Linda Hansen

Fabulous tip! I enjoyed watching your video this morning. Now, you're in my home and I get to watch you! Great job!


this was a great tip - guess what I am going to be ordering now - window sheets!!! Thanks!!

Mary R.

Brilliant, awesome and Wowza!
Thanks for sharing this idea/tip.

Stamping hugs


Hi Patty,
Love these cards. So cute!

Which DS paper is the orange dots?

Marisol Gutierrez

Love the OOPS! Great TIP!

Michelle Wesley

As always, great tips from a great person.
Thank you.

Lorraine Castellon-Rowe

As always, a great tip! Thanks Patty. You always find ways to make stamping a little bit easier AND more economical! Love your videos too! It's so nice to hear your voice and your explanations.

Denise Taylor

Great idea...You are so smart...Thanks Denise

Renee O.

Patty thanks for this great idea. I used it at my workshop last night. My mom has the big shot and my window sheets hadn't been open yet and were ok--not smokey smelling surprisingly. Felt like I at a little wow to show thanks to you.

Laurie Zoellmer

LOVE this tip! Thank you Patty ;)

Betsy Z

I'm just seeing this today, Patty...great tip! I just got my package last week, and haven't had a chance to play yet. Now I'll have one idea to re-use the lining paper. I hate to throw stuff away, but I can't always come up with good ideas myself, lol. So thanks for the great green tip! -Betsy Z


So now that you have the plastic cut, it will serve you on many projects, right? I suppose the plastic sheet is a good pick, and durable. I dont have any of these and wondering what other materials I might use from my stash of EVERYTHING ELSE that might work. Thinking on it! Thanks for this great tutorial, as usual!

Betty Murphy

Just stumbled on this tip! Holy cow what a good idea. Thanks so much.

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