Top Note Die Tip with Window Plastic template - VIDEO
Bright Delights Rub-on class - part 3

Bright Delights Rub-on Class part 2

I previously shared card #1 with a video tip HERE from our Bright Delights Rub-Ons class last week.. here are 2 more cards we made:

Delight card 


The Bright Delight Rub-ons come in full color and are on pg 172 in the catalog.

I told everyone in class that these cards look just like my bedroom when I was in Jr. High... orange, yellow, brown and green... WHAT was I thinking? :)

Signature hybiscus



Patty, and who knew those colors would come back in style! Our kitchen when I was growing up was those colors, if nothing it was very VERY bright!


Great cards! Did you have the big shiny yellow metal alarm clock with the two bells on top? Maybe with Mickey Mouse on the face?


So cute...just put in my order for the rub-ons yesterday...can't wait to use them! You'll be missed on Saturday. :)

nancy littrell bright, fun and easy. Great class projects. TFS them all :-)

Jayne S.

I had to laugh when you said your bedroom was these colors... My bedroom had orange walls - probably about Pumpkin Pie color, with dark green carpeting. I LOVED it! What were we thinking? We were thinking that we were COOL! :-)
Jayne S.

Laura Albertson

Love how you did this one- really cute card. When I was growing up our kitchen had HUGE yellow, orange & brown flowers all over the wallpaper with harvest gold fridge & stove- right next to the olive green living room-LOL.

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