CD Folder Book Class Kit UPDATE
October '08 Stamp A Stack cards part 1

Big Shot Die Video Tip

While prepping for my upcoming Stamp A Stack classes this week, I discovered a couple cool tips, and I thought you might enjoy seeing them in video form. 

Not sure what's up with YouTube.. this video is crystal clear on my computer, but when uploaded to YouTube it seems really grainy...  sorry about that... hope you still find it helpful!

The cards on this video will be shown in more detail on my blog later this week.

Fall flower 2


Regina Cornelius

i tried to watch your says "video no longer available." boohoo!!

Tracey Thompson

OOHHHHH! I can't see the video!!!!!


Same Here


Love your video! The cards are just to cute and just love the tips. You are just to creative and super duper inspiring.


Just watched your video, Thanks for the great tips.

Peg Smith

Great tips Patty!


I am laughing at myself because I'm such a dork. When you were going to show how to put the rhinestone brad on the button I thought to myself "oh wow, she's going to cut the legs of the brad into skinny little strips to feed into the holes of the button". ROFL. Who would have though to just chop them off and stick the rhinestone part on! hahahaha. See ... idea (and common sense) challenged people like me need fabulous people like you!!! Thanks for sharing :-)


great tips, Patty! Thanks!


Great tips Patty ! Thanks !

Corinne (aka Roxy)

What fantastic tips !!!! Way to go....again !


Great video! and great tips! I thought you were going to make the brad legs extra skinny too....wayyyy better idea to just chop 'em off. :)

Thanks again for the inspration --


great tips! thank you!

Sue duffy

Thanks, Patty! I will use those tips and just bought Dotto for the first time - what a coincidence. I've also suggested we use it to temporarily hold a small piece of CS in place when you are trying to use a Stamp-a-ma-Jig with it and it is too small to fit under the SAMJ - kwim? TFS
P.S. Your voice is nothing like I would have expected! LOL

Pam Stewart

Here's a big HOWDY Patty from Texas!! I'm a new member to your site and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! You are awesome!! Thank you for having such a wonderful site w/such awesome tips, ALL the time. How do you do it girl?!! Do you ever sleep?!!! Anyway,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this video w/us!! I am constantly using my making memories desk top mat to do adhesive over and then I have to clean it w/a Lysol wipe and rub off most of my thumbnail to get the adhesive off of the mat. No more!! Ever, ever, ever again!! Thank you!!! You're the bomb!!!


Amy, Ottawa, Canada

Those are great tips. I'll have to pick up a dotto. :)

Sue McQuiston

Loved the video Patty. Yes I will have to try this. You are just soooooo AWSOME. You go girl... We all LOVE getting all this information from you....Sue

Shirley Kramer

OOO I loved the tips!!! I love your blog!!

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