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Beautiful Card From Lee

Well, hopefully as you read this, we'll be having a blast on Bermuda... I'm typing up a few posts to publish while we are gone so that you have something fun to read while I'm away having FUN!

This is a GORGEOUS card from Lee Conrey!  She used Blush Blossom and (I think) Ruby Red.  After stamping the flower stamp she bleached the flowers and WOW.. doesn't it look gorgeous!!??  Lee, if I got the details wrong, please post a comment and let us know how you did it.

Thank you for the gorgeous card!


Card stamped by Lee Conrey.

All images copyright Stampin' Up! 1990-2008

Bermuda Cruise Journal

My dear, sweet friend Sharon brought me a gift last week that gave me the idea to make these journals for our Stampin' Up! Cruise to Bermuda!!  (if all our travel plans go smoothly, we'll be boarding the ship tomorrow!)

This is the coolest idea... see if you can guess what these are made from.... answers below...  and THANK YOU SHARON for this awesome idea! You are the BESTEST! :)









and of course I needed to use my Bind It All machine... gotta love new toys!!


All of the patterned paper and cardstock comes from my FAVORITE Simply Scrappin' Kit:  Summer Days.  I stamped the "lines" stamp from Live Your Dream and made journaling boxes for Day 1 to Day 7 on each page..  a fun mini-journal to keep track of the highlights of the criuse!!


Cruise Swap #3 - 6x6 Swap

Each year on the Stampin' Up! Cruise I host a swap for 6x6 pages, and the theme is "our cruise"... you stamp 2-page spreads and swap them with dozens of other stampers, and then you go home with enough 6x6 pages to fill your 6x6 album!! yahoo!  Themes some people have used are: the beach, the pool, formal night, our cabin, my friends, food, the ship, etc.  I chose to keep mine really generic this year so that it could be used for ANYTHING "fun" on the trip (that will be the whole trip, right?). 


I used paper from the Bali Breeze pack, and I used the Sweet Celebrations set (pg 131) along with the {Fun stamp from the Make it Count Hostess set.

I had a blast using the Die Cut Bloom flowers from the Spring mini catalog!!



Think of me today as I am checking my list twice and madly packing suitcases.. yahoo!!!


Happy Birthday baby!!


Happy 17th Birthday JB !!

The Wisteria in our backyard ALWAYS blooms for his birthday.. always!! 

I was trying to get an artsy shot... not sure if I succeeded, but thought it was kinda cool.



I can't believe you are already 17 !!  Love you! :)


Cruise Swap #2 - a 25-card swap for Lori Snider

I joined one card swap for the upcoming Stampin' Up! Cruise to Bermuda .. THANKS LORI for hosting this!!  The theme was ANY stamp set or accessory and we were supposed to try to wow Lori... hope she likes this!

I used the Pick a Petal Brass template and my paper piercer to poke tiny holes and the 1/8" hand held punch to punch holes in my Groovy Guava Carousel Notes (see THIS post) and then I cut it into quarters... then adhered it to a 4x4 card.


I used Sticky Strip on the 2 straight edges of the Carousel Note, and left the scalloped end "open" so I could tuck in a tiny 2-1/2" square thank you note! :)  I also used the Build A Brad - my favorite accessory and the new brown Poly Twill ribbon.


It looks great with any of the papers in the Afternoon Tea packet and with any embellishment!

I was inspired to do the 1/4 circle by my friend Barb, and my friend Sharon. Thanks for your inspiration!


Have a GREAT day! It's my son's 17th birthday today!!  Happy Birthday sweetheart! 


Cruise Swap #1 - Husband Card Swap (revised)

As you know, my husband and I have both been working on swaps for the upcoming Stampin' Up! Cruise...  and as promised I am sharing the finished swaps with you. 

This is the card my husband stamped for the Husband Card Swap!  Don't ya think he did an EXCELLENT job?? 


It has this great little diagonal pocket for a gift card or a special note!


The card is a 4"x12", scored at 4" and 8" (so it creates 3 equal 4x4 sections) then you score the middle section DIAGONALLY and you fold it up to get this great little card with a pocket!  We learned how to make this card at the local Stampin' Up! Regional Seminar.


Here are some step by step photos to help you fold this card design.. hope it's helpful! Thanks for all your kind comments about Eric's card.. he is enjoying reading them!


Eb_swap_step_2 Eb_swap_step_3

Oh.. and this is one of my little buddies who comes to beg for peanuts every day... sorry for the blurry photo.. I grabbed the camera and it was on the wrong setting.. wouldn't you know it?  oh well!



He's swappin' / She's swappin'

He makin' swaps and she's makin' swaps ... my husband and I.. are both madly working on swaps this weekend for the Stampin' Up! Cruise!  I am working on my 6x6 swaps and a card swap, and my husband is working on his card swaps for the "Husband Swap".  NO>>> I don't get a new husband for the cruise..  {geesh!!}.. the husbands are swapping cards in their own swap.. how fun is THAT?  :)



I think I'm going to set off the metal detector at the airport and on the ship with all these brads!  LOL


So you'll have to forgive me if I'm not posting too much in the next few days.  With Easter, and our son's birthday and then leaving for the Stampin' Up! cruise, (oh ya.. packing!!) all within the next 5 days.. I'm a little swamped. 

I'll post our finished swaps before we go though. Wahooo... Bermuda, Here We Come!


UPDATE on kits available

EDITED TO ADD 3/21/08:

We have reached 50 kits ordered... THANK YOU SO MUCH! 

Any orders received after 8:30am CA time 3/21/08 will be in the 2nd batch of orders filled, and will be mailed no later than April 30, 2008 


Just a quick update on the 12 Pocket Card Organizer Class Kits... I have almost reached the limit of 50 kits ordered, so if you want a kit in the first "batch" of 50, order soon. Orders within the first 50 kits will be shipped by April 15. Kits ordered after the first 50 will be shipped no later than the end of April. See post below for all details. Thanks! I'm thrilled so many of you are excited about this class kit!

12 Pocket Card Organizer Class kit Available by Mail

UPDATE 5-11-08.  THIS OFFER HAS NOW EXPIRED.  Thank you for your overwhelming interest! I have filled 128 orders for this kit, and am not offering it again at this time.  Please email me if you are interested in this kit and I will let you know when I will be offering it again.  thanks!

By Popular Demand.. I have decided to offer the 12 Pocket Card Organizer class as a "Class in the Mail" kit! So many of you have asked for this option, so I have decided to give it a try!!

Please refer to the photos in the post below (or click HERE) for more detailed views of this project.

What is included in this "Class in the Mail" kit? You will select your choice of Stampin' Up! Designer Series paper and I will assemble and bind your project using that paper. I will also include the printed January - December pages for you to add to your pockets, and the title sheet for you to add to your cover if you wish. Your project will be shipped in a Priority Box so that the rings will not get crushed. The cost is $20 plus $4.60 for Priority Shipping.

These are samples of some of the finished projects using Stampin' Up! Designer Series Paper:
Bali Breeze:


Ginger Blossom:


Summer Picnic:

Afternoon Tea:


Please Note: when you click on Pay Now, you will need to include YOUR CHOICE of the Stampin' Up! Designer Series paper you want for your pockets! So check the catalog and mini catalog NOW! (pages 168, 169, 170, and 171 in the Spring Summer Catalog, or pg 8 or 16 in the Occasions Mini).

Orders will be taken today through Tuesday March 25, 2008, and the order for all the paper will be placed on Wed. March 26, 2008. All "Class in the Mail" kits will be mailed by April 15, 2008 (unless something is on backorder which is out of my control). Orders will be limited to the first 50 kits ordered. Orders after the first 50 kits will be placed in April.

EDITED TO ADD 3/21/08:

We have reached 50 kits ordered... THANK YOU SO MUCH!  Any orders received after 8:30am CA time 3/21/08 will be in the 2nd batch of orders filled, and will be mailed no later than April 30, 2008 

Thank you!

Orders shipped to U.S. addresses only.

Class project: 12 pocket card organizer

Everyone really enjoyed class this week - the "12 Pocket Card Organizer".  We used 6 sheets of Stampin' Up! designer Series paper to make the 12 pockets, and used the white chipboard/cardboard that comes in the DSP package for the front and back covers.  Then the fun part... we used my Bind It All to bind all the pocket pages together!   Each pocket has a month of the year on it and you can use it to track birthdays and anniversaries of family and friends.  Then you tuck cards in the pockets when you find a perfect card for that person! 

I made the title on Photoshop, and everyone added it to their cover.

The calendar months can be found on splitcoast HERE.

For the pocket pages, score your 12x12 at 4" then FLIP IT and score it at 6".  Fold the 4" pocket up and then fold it in 1/2 at the 6" mark.  It is similar to this tutorial on SCS.


above and below: Afternoon Tea DSP




above and below: Spring Break DSP


below: Porcelain Prints DSP


below: Summer Picnic DSP



above and below: Bali Breeze DSP


below: Ginger Blossom DSP


Hope you enjoyed those great projects everyone made!

For more info on the BIND IT ALL, click HERE.

Thank you to Sandi L. for the idea!

These make great gifts... give the recipient a few cards to get them started! :)


Thank you to Tammy for asking about the coil size.. I meant to add that information and forgot!

As you can see by this photo:


The coil looks HUGE on the bound 12 pocket project (left), but when you get cards in the pockets (right), you can see why you use a large coil!  We used the 1" coils, but you could even use a larger one!!


GREAT RAK's from Dawn!

My sweet bloggin' friend Dawn sent me some SUPER CUTE Easter projects and a really really cool gift card holder idea!!  THANKS Dawn!!!

all projects stamped by Dawn Griffith

images copyright Stampin' Up! 1990-2008


So check this out... the inside of the B fabulous card is a REALLY ingenious gift card holder!! Check Dawn's VIDEO TUTORIAL to see how EASY it is to make this!!!  Who woulda thought?? 


To make the other 2 Easter projects, check Dawn's blog HERE and HERE.

Thanks sweet friend!!  :)