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October 2007

Happy Halloween!

My sweet friend Sharon knew that I could use a little (ok BIG) pick-me-up this week so yesterday she dropped off a whole bunch of fun stuff on my doorstep while I was out.   Flowers, some chipboard tags, and this cute cute (and yummy) treat!  Check it out!


a close up of the yummies:


Thanks so much Sharon!!  I appreciate it!!


The drywallers start today!  Yippee!! 

Christmas card ideas

I haven't been stamping because of the plumbing issues around here, but I remembered I could share 2 cards we did at my workshop a week ago...

The first one is Pomegranate ink and cardstock and satin ribbon, accented with Brushed Gold cardstock and gold brads:


and the second one was inpsired by Colleen on SUDSOL and the Holiday Glitz promotion:


It's called a Z fold card... just cut your cardstock to 4-1/4" x 11" and then fold it in 1/2, then fold the front back on itself. 

I added a little BLING with a Rhinestone brad and punched out the small snowflake with the Snow Blossom punch!


Amazingly Awesome Stamp Room!

Not much stampin' happening here due to all the construction (I think I should say DEstruction) ... but you have just GOT to see Fran's stamp room HERE... it's totally amazing... I think you'll really enjoy it!

I'll be back to stamping and blogging as soon as I can.. stay tuned.. stick with me.. I promise "I'll be back".

~ Patty

My life in a Plastic Bubble - A.K.A. "Why I haven't been blogging"

It's been quite an educational week... I've really enjoyed learning about this plumbing re-route, and thankfully the workers have been very careful, considerate and really friendly.. so I'm thankful for all that... however... I had not envisioned the magnitude of this plumbing job... nor did I know our downstairs would be wrapped in plastic for 3 days, that we'd be without water for 2 days, and that I wouldn't have access to my computer and all my "stuff".... so I'm coming to you from my laptop in my stamp loft... it feels rather like camping out!  LOL




So while the downstairs is wrapped in plastic, they are feeding the new plastic pipes through over 30 holes cut in our ceilings and walls:


here is what the new pipes look like:


The plastic stays up until the Drywall contractor can come and repair all the holes and then we'll need to paint and clean the carpets, THEN move all the stuff back in... what a "mountain out of a molehill" project for one broken pipe!

When the inside is free of plastic, we can move the stuff back in from the garage, and THEN I can resume classes and a normal stampin' life.  Here's to another day without water, and HOPEFULLY the last day of plumbing repairs....


The Plumbing Report

More accurately described as:  The Demolition Report.

This is the week... the week where they tear apart our house to replumb the entire thing.  They called out the heavy artillery today... THREE plumbers:


So far, they have blocked off most of the house with lovely new plastic walls:


so that as they cut all the holes, the drywall dust and junk from inside the ceiling doesn't get everywhere in the house.

So far I think I've counted 23 holes... lovely ones such as the holes in the ceiling above and these in the walls:


There are several more in the garage and they still have to cut holes above my computer desk and in the kitchen to the icemaker, and behind the dryer. 

See, YOU TOO could have lovely new white and red tubes hanging from holes in your ceiling... ya.. I bet you are really jealous..


So as you can see... this is why stamp class had to be cancelled this coming Saturday. After the plumbers are done this Friday, we'll get a drywall contractor in here next week, THEN we have to bascially repaint the entire downstairs.... this little broken pipe turned into the major reconstruction project of the decade for us!!  yuck. 

We have much to be thankful for, though, and are keeping the Southern Californians in our prayers this week as they battle the fires and evacuate to safety.  I was born and raised down there and remember those "Santa Ana winds" all too well at this time of year. They could whip up a fire in no time.  My prayers for safety for all of you in that situation!

Inspirational Journal class - Oct. 2007

Below is the cover and pages from my Inspirational Journal class last week.  We used the 5x5 On Board Art Journal from Stampin' Up! and decorated it primarily using the Brocade Background designer paper, the Tagged Accents & Elements tin and the Define Your Life stamp set and Defining Alphabet set.  We did add some Build-A-Brad accents and some chipboard letters.  Additional supplies listed below.












Additional stamp sets used:

  • Word by Word background set
  • Priceless
  • Brocade Basics
  • Baroque Motifs
  • Carte Postale

Ink used:

  • Old Olive
  • Chocolate Chip
  • Always Artichoke

Gifties for my Hostess

I am off to do a workshop today and thought I'd share a couple little gift items I am bringing for my hostess. 

This is a 6x6 piece of Creepy Crawly Designer Series paper folded and sealed with Sticky Strip, and crimped at the bottom.  Of course ya gotta have chocolate... so it's got a few snack size candy bars in there.  Super quick and easy!


And this is a money holder made with Real Red and Old Olive cardstock and Dashing Designer Series paper.  I saw this idea on Jill's blog... so cute!  These are super quick to make and are great for giving cash at the holidays.



After awhile those polka dots kinda make you go batty, huh? 

Have a great day!  I'll post the Inspirational Journal pages tomorrow.

~ Patty

Designer Wrapping Paper

I think I came up with a fun idea...  rather than carting around the rolls of Stampin' Up! Designer Wrapping Paper, I wrapped up little boxes and put them in a basket to take to workshops!  Cool, huh?  Sometimes I come up with a pretty good idea!! This also allows me to showcase several of our ribbons and the "Tags for All" set.


The "Blizzard" assortment pack has a design that isn't very Christmasy, so you can see that I used it to wrap a birthday sample.  I used the 5/8" wide grosgrain ribbon in Chocolate Chip and a Jumbo Eyelet, and I used the Snow Blossom punch to punch designs out of the other roll that comes in that pack:


Here is the Celebration Designer Wrapping Paper assortment:


Here is the Chocolate Chip wrap from the "Blizzard" pack and the River Rock wrap from the "Purely Holiday" pack, both featuring our wonderful new Satin Ribbon:


All of the wrap, the tag set and the satin ribbon can be found in the Holiday Mini catalog.  View it HERE

Quick Update

So many of you have been so kind to ask about an update on the plumbing woes.. so here is a REALLY quick update in a nutshell... The plumbing contractor will be here for 5 days next week, rerouting all the plumbing in the entire house, going through walls and the ceiling, bypassing everything that is currently under the slab. 

Several homeowners in this development have had the same thing happen, and if they only bypassed the broken pipe, another pipe has burst shortly thereafter.... so it's worth it just to redo the entire house.  This means cutting holes in the sheetrock every 6' in the walls and the ceiling to put the new pipes in.  Cap off the old pipes in the slab, and then reconnect the new pipes to all the bath and kitchen fixtures.  THEN hire a drywall contractor to repair all the holes, and then repaint!!  A little more involved than fixing a broken pipe, huh?   

And the bummer news is... the Homeowners insurance policy raised the deductible to $10,000 after this started happening to a few homes in this development... so... we are out a min. of $10,000 for this estimated $11,000 to $12,000 repair.  {deep sigh}  (you know... for $12,000 I'd really rather have granite countertops - LOL)

This situation reminds me of an email that I got from a friend last week.. (God always has perfect timing, you know)...

I asked for strength - I was given difficulties to make me strong.
I asked for wisdom - I was given problems to solve.
I asked for prosperity - I was given a brain and brawn to work.
I asked for courage - I was given obstacles to overcome.
I asked for love - I was given troubled people to help.
I asked for favors - I was given opportunities.
I received nothing I wanted, but received everything I NEEDED.
(author unknown)
God always knows what we need.  We will get through this... in the scope of life, this is nothing.  We have MUCH to be thankful for, and among the things I'm thankful for are all the kind and caring people I've met through this blog!  Thank you, friends!!

Sending Happy Thoughts Simply Sent kit

I figured I could either go crazy WAITING for the plumber to come with the bad news between 2pm and 4pm, or I could use my nervous energy to stamp a few more Thank You cards.  I ordered the SENDING HAPPY THOUGHTS Simply Sent Card Kit last week when Stampin' Up! offered all the kits at 20% off, and I LOVE THIS KIT!!  yahoooo!!  TOOOOO CUTE!!  I added some scraps of Real Red cardstock, the See You Around Jumbo Wheel, and the Earth Elements Brads to these, but otherwise I used what comes in the kit!  Oh ya, and I added some Thank You stamps... ok.. so I added a bunch of stuff... but it was all sitting on my table and you know how it goes.... if it's sitting there you end up adding it to your project!  LOL


I used the "rock n roll" technique on a few of the flowers... it adds some fun color!  Oh ya, and I can see here I also used the Three For You Punch Box punch for the center flower... Yep, I added a FEW things to the kit. 


A few quick Thank You cards

Well.. the plumbing update is... it's NOT covered by insurance and the plumber can't come 'til tomorrow (so that's the bad news out of the way)... but the GOOD news is that gave me a bit of time to stamp some Thank You cards for a friend today!  I had my Home Again Simply Scrappin' Kit pack on my desk from my previous class, and decided to use up some of the patterned paper and accessories from the kit... voila.


P.S. for the tip on how to get the wide grosgrain through the card sideways, see my post here.

MIA for awhile....

Two pieces of news to share.... 1. I changed my blog header to reflect the season... and 2.  waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah we found a leak in the hot water pipes UNDER our living room slab today {read the carpet is realllllly warm and the water heater runs continuously} so I'll be MIA for a bit while I get the contractors out here this week to start repairs.  Several neighbors in this development have had the same thing happen and the news is, 1 week, $10,000 to $12,000 and a TON of sheetrock dust (they will cap the pipes currently running under the slab and they will replumb the house through the ceiling and walls rather than dig up the entire slab).  I always wanted to finish my schooling to become a General Contractor.... just didn't think I'd have the chance to experience it on my own home.  My architectural and engineering backgrounds will serve me well here in helping to understand what's going on.  {sigh}  {heavy sigh}

Inspirational Journal Class

I have an upcoming class on Monday/Tuesday next week and we are making "Inspirational Journals" using the 5x5 Stampin' Up! chipboard art journal and the terrific coordinating sets called Define Your Life (found here) and Defining Alphabet (found here).  I also incorporated the "Tagged" accents and elements tin and the Brocade Background papers

My Build A Brad containers arrived this week and I was eager to play with them.. so I added one to the cover of my journal and one to an inside page.  Wow.. they are super easy to use!   

Here are a few sneak peeks of the cover and a couple of the pages of the journal:


Close up of Build A Brad:





Have a great stampin' weekend!!

~ Patty